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Donor Information

Photograph of Recitation Hall looking South East. 1948.

Photograph of Recitation Hall looking South East. 1948.

While the Archives Program acquires the majority of the materials contained within its collections through the Records Management Program, University Archives and Records Management (UARM) is pleased to consider and accept donations of materials related to the historical development of the University of Delaware and its predecessor institutions. Please consult our collection development page for information on determining whether or not your items to be donated may fit with the Archives Program collections.

Potential donors should note the following:

  • All donations must be made outright and unconditionally, and are permanent and irrevocable.
  • The donor shall not receive any goods or services from the University of Delaware in return for a donation.
  • UARM does not provide valuation information or recommend appraisers for interested donors, including for tax purposes. It is the donor’s responsibility to obtain valuations if desired prior to donation of items to the University.
  • Insofar as permitted by law, donors to UARM transfer with their donations all intellectual rights, titles, and interest, to the University of Delaware upon completion of their donation. Transfers of rights, titles, and interest to the University are permanent and irrevocable unless waived or relinquished by the University.
  • The University of Delaware retains the rights to use, manage, and reproduce donated items in any manner it so chooses without obligation to the donor of that property whatsoever.

If you are interested in donating items for possible inclusion within the collections administered through the Archives Program, please contact a UARM staff member at 302-831-2750 or A copy of our Deed of Gift form may be found here to assist you with considering your donation.