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... documenting the history of the University of Delaware
For information and bibliographic resources about the history of the University and its predecessor institutions:

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Ashes to Ashes Rust to Rust

The most common hurdles to long term preservation of physical collections of paper are small but insidious little items we often use every day in our filing practices. They help us in the short term by wrangling our files together in cohesive collections but when it...

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University Archives and Records Management (UARM) is the official repository for University of Delaware records that hold historical, legal, fiscal, or administrative value. The primary mission of UARM is to identify, acquire, preserve, arrange, describe, and provide access to records that document the history of the University of Delaware, its constituent organizational units, its predecessor institutions, and the activities of its officers, faculty, employees, students, and alumni, and to support the administrative, business, and operational needs of the University with regards to the management, use, and disposition of its records. To achieve those ends, UARM is comprised of two distinct yet complementary programs: the Archives Program and the Records Management Program.

The purpose of the Archives Program is to manage, safeguard, and preserve collections of historical records and objects pertaining to the history of the University of Delaware and its predecessor institutions, to provide access to those collections for researchers from within and outside of the University, and to disseminate knowledge about the history of the University and its predecessor institutions.

The purpose of the Records Management Program is to establish procedures and guidelines for the management and disposition of the University’s records by individual units, departments, and offices, to create – in cooperation with University units, departments, and offices – retention schedules for use in managing the University’s records, to identify vital records necessary for the continuous operation of the University or the recovery of operations in the event of an emergency, to audit and measure compliance with records retention schedules, policy, and procedures by University units, departments, and offices, to administer and coordinate physical records storage and destruction activities, and to administer and coordinate digital records management activities.

Study Abroad Started Here

While the University of Delaware currently offers more than 100 study abroad programs in over 40 countries, just over a century ago, no such programming existed anywhere in the United States. Some early 20th century students did travel internationally for education,...

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