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... documenting the history of the University of Delaware

Digital Collections

  • Artstor
    Artstor Collections contain public collections created by UD Archives, Library, and Museums. The UD Archive collections host publicly available visual materials such as photographs, prominent text documents, maps, and blueprints. The collections primarily pertain to materials directly related to the history of The University of Delaware and its previous incarnations.
  • Archive-It
    Archive-It Collections contain public collections of website materials as they appeared on the University of Delaware’s website. This includes collections documenting significant milestones in UD history as they appeared on the website as well as accruing UD institutions such as The Review and the UD Course Catalogs.
This page contains digital collection materials created by The UD Archives and hosted in publicly accessible databases. This includes both born-digital and digitized records originating from physical materials housed in the UD Archives. The collections document the history of UD and its previous incarnations. They contain a wide variety of formats including photographs, maps, blueprints, text documents, website captures, and audio-visual materials. Additionally, the UD Archives hosts finding aids for the digital materials for purposes of aiding researchers and patrons.