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Records Management Procedures – Interpreting the Records Retention Schedule

The University’s model records retention schedule is a two-part document. The first part is a summary (Records Retention Schedule Summary form) of a more detailed schedule. The summary identifies the department, a department code (same as the four digit department code unique to a department’s accounting records), the effective date (the date approved by the Unit Head), and a schedule number (assigned by the Archives Staff). It then lists the department’s record series (categories of records within each department) in both numerical order.

Part two of the records retention schedule is the more detailed Records Retention Appraisal/Approval form. There is one form for each series listed in the part one summary. The appraisal and approval form documents detailed information about a record’s origin, use, components, value, etc., in addition to retention requirements. Most importantly, compliance with the schedule becomes an official responsibility of the department when all approvals are affixed.