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Records Management Procedures – How to Destroy In-office Records

  1. Departments are to review and destroy in-office records under the authority of their approved retention schedule. Eligible records may be destroyed by hand or machine shredding, trashing, or recycling. It is recommended that eligible confidential records be shredded. Departments without access to a machine shredder may contact the Archives for assistance. If boxes of records are to be delivered to the Archives for confidential shredding, affix one florescent pink “Confidential Shredding – Deliver to Archives” sticker to each box. Should you require additional labels, contact the Archives and they will be provided to you at no cost. Contact the Archives to notify them of delivery of the boxes.
  2. Following destruction, the destroyed records are to be listed on the Notification of Destruction form, which is forwarded to the Archives (retain a copy for your records). The purpose of the “Notification of Destruction” form is to verify in-office records are routinely destroyed as part of normal business operations and in accordance with an approved records retention schedule.