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Records Management Procedures – How to Transfer Scheduled Records to the University Records Center

  1. Packing: Purchase standard records center boxes (10″x12″x15″) from W.B. Mason. To estimate the number of boxes needed, consult the record volume conversion chart in this manual. Note that only standard containers can be accepted. If you have unusual sized items contact Archives staff.
    • Pack boxes according to record series.
    • Do not place hanging folders in boxes.
    • Standard records center boxes will accommodate both letter and legal sized files.
    • Leave approximately 3″ of extra space in each box to facilitate future interfiles.
  2. Number assignment: Contact the Archives office (302-831-2750) for assignment of box numbers. Be sure to indicate if the records to be transferred are vital records, so an appropriate number can be provided.
  3. Labeling: Write your assigned box number on the end of each box directly under the hand hold using a black marker. For security purposes, do not indicate box content information on the outside of the container. Affix one florescent green “Deliver to Archives” sticker to each box to be transferred to the Archives. Should you require additional labels, contact the Archives and they will be provided to you at no cost.
  4. Container List: Prepare a Container List/memorandum Transfer of Records to the University Records Center, including all information requested. Forward a copy of the container list by email (, campus mail, or fax (302-831-6903) to the University Archives prior to transferring the boxes. Maintain a copy of the container list in your department files for future reference.
  5. Box Transfer: Following acceptance of the container list by the University Archives, you will be notified that the boxes can be transferred. Contact University Movers for delivery to the Archives at 002 Pearson Hall. . You must notify the Archives (302-831-2750) when the boxes have been picked up and are en route. Large shipments (50 boxes or greater) will be coordinated by the Archives staff on a case by case basis.

Note: Prior to shelving the boxes, Archives staff will verify box contents and container lists. In some instances incorrectly labeled/packed boxes may need to be returned to a department for correction.