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Records Management Procedures – How to Retrieve records from the Records Center?

For security purposes, only current records management department contacts are permitted to retrieve records from the Records Center. Please contact our office if you are unsure of your department’s designated contact.


  1. Call the University Archives (extension 2750) and be prepared to identify yourself, along with the following information about your request: record series number, box number, and the specific file title. If necessary, you may request the entire box.
  2. At the time of your request, we will prepare a multi-part reference request form before locating and forwarding your request. The top copy of the form is retained in our office, one copy is placed in the container, and another copy is attached to the requested file.
  3. When you receive your file(s) you will notice Records Center location information printed on the outside of the folder (as well as the yellow copy of the request form). This information will assist us in replacing it in the correct box after you return it to us — please do not place file contents in a new folder unless you include your copy of the request form.
  4. We utilize Public Safety for messenger services to deliver the records to you — note that you will be charged for this service.
  5. Requests are available for in-person pick up providing a note is supplied by the department records management contact.
  6. When the department has finished using the retrieved records, the records should be promptly returned to the Records Center for re-filing.
  7. At the request of a department, the University Archives staff can research your records for specific information and relay that information to you by telephone or fax.
  8. Departments may be contacted periodically regarding the status of requested records not yet returned to the Records Center.