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... documenting the history of the University of Delaware

Records Management Procedures – Archives General Information

The Archives at the University of Delaware is an administrative archives and is responsible for the documenting the history of the University of Delaware. This is accomplished through the accumulation of records from all University units, records such as annual reports, committee files, correspondence, minutes of meetings, etc., which provide written evidence of events, policies, procedures, and programs. Archival records are open to the public and are available to researchers, historians, and University departments.


  1. The inactive records of the University, which are preserved because of their enduring and historical value to the institution. Only the University Archivist is authorized to determine which University records will be retained permanently as part of the historical collections.
  2. The office (the University department) responsible for the orderly collection of appropriate archival materials.
  3. A place where historical materials are stored and where the University’s records center is located.