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University Archives and Records Management is located in room 002 Pearson Hall on the Newark campus of the University of Delaware. Please refer to the main UD Directions page for directions to campus (or get personalized directions) and to the online campus map for help in locating Pearson Hall.

Pearson Hall is situated on the northeastern corner of the intersection of Lovett Avenue and Academy Street and is adjacent to the Student Services Building. Metered and Pearson Lot (please see the Parking Services page for information about the different types of parking available on campus) parking spaces are available, as well as bicycle racks.

Please use the following directions to orient yourself inside Pearson Hall to find University Archives and Records Management:

  1. Enter Pearson Hall through the main entrance (the set of three double doors by the large white columns).
  2. Proceed through the entrance foyer to the main hallway, which runs perpendicular to the foyer.
  3. Turn right into the main hallway and proceed a short distance until you see a door marked “Stairs” on the left side. It is next to the men’s restroom.
  4. Go left through the door marked “Stairs” and proceed down the hallway, staying to its right. Do not go up the stairs.
  5. University Archives and Records Management is located midway through this hallway down a small flight of steps located on the outer side of the hallway.

Directions to UARM.