Disaster relief to Puerto Rico – Update

UD SABIC students raise approximately $1,800 in supplies in their relief effort.

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Update

11.01.2017 | On October 13, the ELI announced that students from the UD SABIC program were organizing a supply drive to provide aid to Puerto Rico after the island sustained major damage from Hurricane Maria.

With only one week to organize, promote and execute the relief effort, the students were able to collect and send approximately $1,800 in first aid supplies and toiletries. Monetary donations were used to purchase additional supplies to include in the shipment.

UD SABIC students and their coordinator, MariaJose Riera, would like to thank everyone for their generosity. Through the support of the UD and ELI community, this small group of students was able to make a real and positive contribution in the lives of people in need in Puerto Rico.

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