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James Caleb Boggs.

Delawareans at the Epicenter

James Caleb Boggs from the 1931 - 1932 yearbook.
1931-32 Blue Hen

University of Delaware Archives and Records Management

J. Caleb Boggs graduated from the University of Delaware in 1931. He was active in R. O. T. C., athletics and student government during his time at Delaware, serving on student council all four years and several times as a class officer. In 1946, Boggs was elected to the U. S House of Representatives for Delaware; he served there until 1953, when he was elected governor of Delaware. After two terms in Dover, Boggs returned to Washington in 1961 after defeating fellow Delaware alumnus J. Allen Frear for his U.S. Senate seat. Boggs served two terms in the Senate, where he was known for supporting environmental issues, such as the Water Quality Act of 1965 and the Water Quality Improvement Act 1970.