Corporate Business English Language Training Programs



Meeting the needs of clients and their corporate sponsors

Since 1985, we have provided high quality intensive and semi-intensive Business English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for short-term visiting international business professionals, as well as for international employees of U.S.-based corporations.

Companies that have used our services include: Chase Bank, Chrysler Corporation, Gore Associates, Hewlett Packard, Hercules Corporation, Konica, American Life Insurance Company, Himont Inc., Terumo Medical, Astra-Zeneca, and Du Pont de Nemours, Inc.


Unique features of the programs are:

  • private instruction tailored to the communication needs of the client;
  • a flexible instructional program arranged to fit the client’s or sponsor’s schedule; and
  • instruction offered either on-site* or at the ELI.

Instruction addresses both oral and written business communications.

Oral business communications instruction includes training in formal business presentations, informal negotiations, idiomatic use of English, oral intelligibility and accent reduction, and listening development within the business context.

Written business communications instruction includes training in business correspondence, business reports/proposals, and reading/vocabulary for specific business purposes.


Our corporate business English faculty are specialists in business English language skill development and provide instruction using software, technical equipment, and an extensive library of Business English materials available at the institute.


Upon arrival, clients are assessed in their English language proficiency. Diagnostic test results and needs analysis provided by the client and/or the corporate sponsor structure the design of an individualized program of instruction. Instruction addresses client(s) skill weaknesses and communication tasks required by the client’s work responsibilities.

Faculty conduct regular progress checks with clients and, as requested, keep corporate sponsors informed with progress reports. These progress checks allow for adjustments in the training–both in terms of intensity and skill focus. Summary reports are submitted to the client and his sponsor upon completion of the training program.

Instructional Schedule

Instruction takes place at the ELI. Clients are scheduled based on their need and availability. Experience has shown that a client will need at least 40 hours of instruction to achieve significant, noticeable improvement in oral communication skills.

At the conclusion of each cycle, clients are re-evaluated and either recommended for exiting or continuation. Rescheduling of tutoring sessions is strictly limited to ensure that a client makes progress within a reasonable time period.

On-site Programs

We will develop on-site courses for companies within a 30-mile radius of the University campus. Such courses usually have an enrollment of between three and six participants, thereby permitting as much personal and individualized attention from the instructor as possible. Additionally, larger classes of 10 to 15 can be created for content-area topics, such as:

  • Written Communications in Business;
  • Culture and Etiquette in American Business;
  • Making Effective Oral Presentations; and
  • Oral Intelligibility.

For more information

For more information, contact:

Dr. Scott Stevens, ELI Director
Tel: (302) 831-2674

Additional business English courses and programs available for interested clients at the ELI include:

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