ELI Garden

img_5982-wze25a-768x1024The ELI garden is located on the expanse of land behind the UD English Language Institute (ELI) Main Building. The Food and Garden Policy Committee (FPGC), a graduate student organization, works in collaboration with the ELI to share the garden for various purposes, and to engender community among all those at UD including faculty, students, and other affiliated people who have an interest in organic gardening, good health, and food security for the local and global community.

With funding from the Campus Sustainability Fund, the Garden at ELI began in 2010. UD graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, and interested international students studying at the ELI have worked together to grow the garden since then.

The FPGC and the ELI work collaboratively at the ELI Garden: The FPGC’s mission is to promote sustainable organic gardening and healthy food choices on campus. The ELI Garden Committee’s mission is to use the garden community as a resource for English language instruction and cultural integration of international students at UD. The missions of the two organizations are intertwined and mutually supportive.

FPGC Mission Statement:
To increase the incidence and visibility of organic food gardening on campus
To promote/support organic food gardening education
To promote sustainable campus food policy
To foster active participation in food gardening activities on campus

ELI Garden Committee Mission Statement
To keep the ELI community informed about garden events and activities
To develop/implement garden related Service Learning Opportunities for ELI students
To facilitate language interaction opportunities between ELI students and UD community garden participants
To explore ways to make effective use of the ELI garden as a resource for language learning.


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