Student Travel

If you plan to travel while you are an ELI student, you must obtain authorization from the ELI Registrar’s Office.

A student should request travel if he/she plans to:

  • Travel outside of the USA during any regularly scheduled session break (i.e., the week or two between ELI sessions);
  • Will return to the ELI after they have finished their trip;
  • Students who travel are also those who need to miss at least one day of ELI courses for special reasons (these students need special authorization from the ELI).

Steps to obtain travel authorization

  1. Complete the Leave Request form at least 2 weeks before you plan to travel (or prior to any deadlines that are announced by the ELI).
  2. Wait for the ELI to process your form. We will require 1-3 business days. You will receive an email when we have finished processing your travel form.
  3. The ELI will submit your approved leave request form to OISS for you. You must take your I-20 form to OISS immediately so that they can prepare it for travel.

Do you have a question about your travel? Contact the ELI Admissions Office by e-mail at

Important Note: Students are not permitted to return late from their travels. Any student who tries to return to the ELI later than the return date that was authorized will not be allowed to return to the ELI. Instead, the student will be required to skip a session. This often results in a Leave of Absence and termination of the student’s I-20 form and visa!

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