The Kitchen Class (Tutoring Cluster)

IMG_0946An Introduction to American family, food, and social interaction

Since 2008, The University of Delaware English Language Institute, in conjunction with The Kitchen Class,  has provided students and business professionals with a cooking class that combines English language training with hands-on culinary studies.

Nancy Turner, a retired journalist and etiquette commentator, is the Kitchen Class owner and instructor. Ms. Turner annually welcomes more than 300 E.L.I. students, with her “southern hospitality” into the kitchen of her c.1845 home, conveniently located across the street from the one of the main ELI campus buildings.

For current ELI students, this class is included in the tuition fee and is offered as a Tutoring Cluster that students can sign up for at the start of each session.

View a video of a Kitchen Class barbecue event


Cooking and Conversation

  • Learn to cook traditional American recipes with nutritious ingredients
  • Each dish is connected to a point in American history or a holiday to stimulate conversation.
  • Proverbs, idioms, and new vocabulary words are taught through hands-on cooking

Manners matter too…
In addition to cooking lessons, the following topics are included in the Kitchen Class curriculum to build personal confidence and enhance international business skills for global professionals:

  • Basic Table Manners
  • Formal Invitations and Correspondence
  • Appropriate Gift Giving
  • Restaurant Dining and Gratuities
  • Home Hospitality
  • Luncheons and Wedding Customs

415520_439445412750321_882557859_oContact Information
Nancy Turner
The Kitchen Class at Turner’s Corner
176 West Main Street
Newark, Delaware 19711
Phone: 302.368.4225

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