Getting a Driver’s License

This is the important information that you need to know about getting a driver’s license in Delaware.

Do you need a driver’s license?

  • You can drive in the U.S. for up to 60 days with a driver’s license from another country.
  • You must get a driver’s license within 60 days.
  • If you do not have a license from another country, then you must get a license (from the state you live in) before you can drive.

Required documents

To get a license you will need the following documents:

  • Passport (unexpired)
  • F-1/F-2 Students:
    • I-20 (it must be valid for at least 60 days)
    • I-94 card
  • J-1/J-2 Visa holders
    • DS-2019 or IAP-66
  • Social Security Card (or Letter of Ineligibility)
  • TWO documents that contain your address to prove Delaware residency. For example:
    • Utility Bills
    • Credit Card Statements
    • Auto Insurance policies
    • Bank Account Records
    • Rental Agreements
    • Other non-personal mail postmarked within the last 60 days
      • Note: Mail must have been delivered by the US Postal Service and be postmarked or received within the last 60 days; photocopies or printouts of bills will not be accepted. Non-business letters/cards will not be accepted. Each of the two proofs of residency must be from separate sources and must display the person’s physical address, not a P.O. box
      • If you do not have two proofs of Delaware residence yet, and would like the ELI to send a letter to you by mail, you can request it here:
        • Remember to bring the envelope with you when you go to the DMV

See other requirements on the DMV website >

DMV Locations

How to get a driver’s license (Delaware only)

  1. Go to one of the local DMV offices
  2. Complete a driver’s license application.
  3. Take an eye exam to test your vision.
  4. Take the driver’s license examination. This includes a written test about driver laws and take a driving test on the road. See more information on the DMV website >

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