Math Listening Practice for ELI Students

Directions: After you have reviewed how to say numbers, expressions and equations, use the following audio files to quiz yourself.

On a piece of paper, write the name of each level and write the letter of each audio file then skip 5 lines (A, B, C, etc). Each audio file has five numbers, expressions or equations for you to write down.

The recordings are spoken very quickly, so you may want to pause or repeat the recording multiple times. Use the Answer Sheet at the bottom of this webpage to check your answers.

We hope this is a useful resource for you!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Julie Lopez at


LEVEL 1: Large Numbers, Fractions & Short Expressions and Equations

LEVEL 2: Large Numbers, Fractions & Longer Expressions and Equations

LEVEL 3: Complex Expressions and Equations

Common Math Terms
This recording is 4 minutes long and has 30 terms so you can hear how each term is pronounced naturally by a native speaker. You may want to practice spelling each term when you hear it, or listen to the recording and repeat how each term is said one or two times. The 30 terms are listed on the last page of the Answer Sheet below.
Answer sheet

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