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Get cost-effective student-centered marketing in two locations highly trafficked by students.
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Foot Traffic And Ad Locations

The University Student Centers are an excellent place to advertise with daily foot traffic of 5000+ between our two centers Perkins and Trabant. We reach an impressive range of audiences on campus every day and can help you promote your message or event within our spaces through our print advertising spaces.

There are seven print advertising locations in the Trabant University Center and four in the Perkins Student Center, which include prominent banner locations on the exterior patios of both Trabant and Perkins. There is also an additional banner location at Kirkbride Hall. Space is limited and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are seeking a more custom print advertising solution please reach out to Event Services to facilitate directly.

Print Advertising Policy

Student groups must be registered and in good standing with the University Student Centers. An officer must be listed on Student Central to be eligible to submit your group’s request a space for print advertising.

If you have questions, contact Event Services at 302-831-2633.

General Limitations

To allow all student groups opportunities for access and to prevent a monopoly on print advertising, the following limits are placed on reservations:

  • Due to the number of registered student organizations (RSOs) we have on campus, postings must be specific to student group events (i.e. no general student group promotions are allowed).
  • No more than three print ads per student group are allowed at a time.
  • Registered student organizations may not reserve ad space on behalf of other organizations or University departments.
  • The student group requesting the posting must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing and financing the event.
  • University Student Centers reserves the right to evaluate and make the final determination of the ad. If intentional misrepresentation has occurred, this may result in the suspension of posting privileges in all USC facilities.
  • Approval must be received by USC on all ads before they will be displayed.
  • Postings must prominently display the name of the student group planning the event, as well as provide the date, time, location and the link to your event page.
  • Ads for programs or event series that exceed one single event will only be approved if all events take place during the same calendar week.
  • Student groups classified as Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must follow the use of the University of Delaware trademark and logos policies.
  • Approval will not be given for ads advertising personal sales of items (e.g. cars, furniture, etc.) or for individuals seeking roommates

Material Specifications

In order to ensure the safety and health of the occupants of University buildings and structures at all times and limit potential damage to buildings and other structures, advertising materials must adhere to the following material specifications:

  • Banners must be made of canvas, vinyl or other weather-resistant material and must contain reinforced grommets on all corners for hanging. Banners hung between the pillars of Trabant must be made of wind-penetrable mesh.
  • Floor cling decals must be removable clings.
  • Wall cling decals must be removable clings.
  • Window clings must be made of perforated mesh that is translucent from the non-viewing side.

Reservation Timeline and Ad Drop-Off

  • Requests for advertising space on the interior or exterior of the University Student Centers must be made two weeks in advance of the requested reservation date. They will be processed on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.
  • Print advertising spaces can be reserved for a maximum of 10 days.
  • Banners must be delivered to 103 Trabant University Center (Trabant/Kirkbride banners) or 112 Perkins Student Center (Perkins banners) at least two business days before your requested start date to be hung on time.

Installation, Removal and Vendors

  • Spaces can be rented for a maximum of 10 days. Materials not removed within one business day (i.e. Monday trhough Friday) following the reservation end date will result in a $10 daily charge.
  • Professional local vendors must produce, install and remove all advertising materials.
  • The hanging and removal of banners must be done by UD Facilities Roofers, which will be requested by the USC Event Services Office on your behalf. There is a fee associated with this service; please budget approximately $100–200 for the hanging and removal of banners. A charge will be assessed for labor costs.
  • All advertising material must be installed or removed from display Monday through Friday.
  • The following local vendors are recommended for their familiarity with installing these products on campus: University Printing (banners, window clings, wall clings and floor clings), DMD Printing (banners, window clings, and wall clings), Fast Signs (banners, window clings, and wall clings), Signs Now (window clings and floor clings), and Unique Impressions (floor clings and wall clings). Contact the Event Services Office if you have another vendor that you would like to use.
  • Damage incurred by improper installation/removal of advertising materials will result in a $50 per hour repair fee.
  • All banners must be retrieved from Event Services in the Trabant University Center or the Perkins Student Center within five business days following the conclusion of the banner space reservation. All unclaimed banners will be sent to recycling after the fifth business day.

Trabant University Center Prices and Sizing

All dimensions provided are W x H.

Perkins Student Center Prices and Sizing

All dimensions provided are W x H.

Other Locations

All dimensions provided are W x H.