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Creative Services By Students

The Egg, Student Creative Agency is a professionally advised marketing and communication team for our clients. For our student staff, we are an experiential professional development program centered around creativity. Although we are a primarily remote operation, we boast a tiny headquarters in the Perkins Student Center, a hub of student life on campus, putting us in a unique position to support the Division of Student Life spaces and programs.

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These forms are for Student Life staff and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to make requests. Please be aware we have a monthly cap on project requests and take on a limited number of projects every month on a first-come, first-served basis based on our team’s capacity and our Student Involvement Office allocation for RSOs.

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Put your ad on display. Reserve an advertising space for digital signs, or request a print advertising space for posters, banners, window/floor clings, and more.

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Start a project with the Student Life Communications and Marketing Team or The Egg student creatives in any of our core areas detailed below. 

Services Available for Registered Student Organizations

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Art and Design

  • Art or design consultation or training
  • Design services for small format printed items (flyers, postcards, posters, etc.)
  • Design services for digital items (digital signage, social media, RSO logos)
  • Student Art Exhibition RSO collaborations 
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  •  Multimedia project consultation or training
  • Event photography
  • Marketing shoots
  • Photo editing
  • Event videography
  • Video editing 
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Content Marketing

  •  RSO Spotlight requests 
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Web, UX, Tech

  •  Web project consultation and training
  • Marketing consultation and training
  • Web editing services 

Path To


Our program overview and guidebook will provide you with all the details of this professional development opportunity and showcase the educational offerings available to you as part of The Egg program.

Program Tracks

All art and design positions are currently closed.

Art & Design {Track}

Graphic Design

The Egg graphic designers are responsible for creating flyers, posters, digital displays, social media assets, and so much more. Our design team comprises highly talented UD students and professionals who work in individual and collaborative capacities focused on creating high-quality designs for our clients and increasing their conceptual and technical design skills.

Art Curation & Experiential Design

Focusing on spatial and interaction design (IxD), this professional and student team works in unison to create large format artwork, signage, and exhibitions to enhance human experiences and interactions within spaces at UD. This group is a subset of the graphic design team. It works closely with the web and UX team to enhance our common areas with clever physical and digital signage, artwork, and branding.

Content Marketing {Track}

This team comprises storytellers, journalists, and marketers experienced in handling various media types and ensuring they reach a broad audience via online channels. Members of this team are proficient in marketing UD events online and writing clear and concise articles and copy for various clientele. Members work with many students from the art and design and multimedia teams to develop content for social media—including the @udstudents Instagram and Threads profiles—and news outlets such as UDaily and the Student Life blog, as well as email newsletters.

All content marketing positions are currently closed.

All web and UX positions are currently closed.

Web and UX {Track}

Web and UX Design

The web and UX design team is responsible for creating, designing, developing and maintaining Student Life-affiliated websites. Our team is a group of highly talented UD students who work in both an individual and collaborative environment while learning and discovering more about the broad range of user experience, web development, and design.

UX Research

Our UX Researchers help deliver the best possible experience for the users of our websites by studying and gathering data on students’ needs and behaviors. UX Researchers use qualitative and quantitative research methods such as usability studies, surveys, interviews and focus groups.


The marketing and analytics team is responsible for tracking, reporting and analyzing the performance of our marketing activities. This team uses a combination of Google Analytics, social media insights and email newsletter data to inform decision-making and provide actionable insights that will enhance our marketing efforts.

Multimedia {Track}


Our photographers are proficient in multiple areas of photography and have consistently captured the highlights of UD campus-wide. Our photography team is a group of students who learn from each other and develop their skills through a constant flow of event shoots and projects.


The video team is responsible for telling the stories of the various areas of Student Life through high-quality, compelling videos. This team is trained in filming and editing and prides itself in capturing the campus experience through its videos.

All multimedia positions are currently closed.

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All project management positions are currently closed.

Project Management

Project management works closely with other team members and utilizes a bird’s eye view of all areas of marketing, from design to content creation and social media to web. Our work involves preparation and assistance in the life cycle of a marketing project. Project coordinator interns gain effective communication skills and organization qualities needed to excel in any career field. Our project coordinators set project timelines, gather essential project resources and collect and report on project statistics.

Where good ideas hatch.

Using a creative agency model, we create opportunities for student internships and part-time employment within the Division of Student Life. We extend our marketing and creative services in pursuit of our student team’s professional development while enhancing individuals skills.

Eggcellent Blue Hens Wanted!

Thank you for considering our program! We are currently working on revamping and expanding The Egg program, which initially served the University Student Centers and Registered Student Organization (RSO) communities. We now work with the entire Division of Student Life, serving 13 departments and 25 functional areas. 

We will be ready to hire new student employees starting in Fall 2023 when we modify and relaunch our new and improved program. If you are interested in applying for a position with us, please fill out our interest form below and keep an eye out for new opportunities here on our website. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

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