The University Student Centers Team

University Student Centers Executive Director’s Office

Anthony Doody

Executive Director, University Student Centers

Amne Harrington

Administrative Specialist

Lori Hill

Senior Business Administrator

Karen AuYeung

Business Administrator

Event Services Office (includes Esports and WVUD Student Radio)

Gil Johnson

Sr. Associate Director, USC

Steve Kramarck

Associate Director, Esports & WVUD

Andrew Cretella

Assistant Director, Facility & Event Operations - Trabant

Cathy Corsi

Assistant Director, Facility & Event Operations - Perkins

Christopher Ametrano

Assistant Director, A/V Integration & Production

Carrie Cunningham

AV Integration and Production Coordinator

Dave Mackenzie

WVUD Chief Engineer

Darlene Cartwright

Events Manager

Joey Lopes

Manager, Facility & Esports Operations

Suzanne Grube

Customer Service Specialist

Keith Flowers-Parker

Supervisor, Facility and Event Operations, Nights/Weekends

Kiernan Ensor

Esports Coordinator/Coach

Kelsey Youells

Events Manager

Student Involvement Office | Programming and Registered Student Organizations (RSO)


Sr. Associate Director, USC

Emily Fry

Associate Director, Programming

Alex Keen

Associate Director, RSOs

Suzanne Nelson

Administrative Specialist

Alannah Vazquez

Program Coordinator

Jason Hamilton

Program Coordinator

Meg Hermann

Program Coordinator

Sara Shinn

Administrative Assistant

Blue Hen Leadership Program Office (BHLP)

Matthew Creasy

Associate Director

Valerie Lane

Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Amelia Carte

Assistant Director for Alternative Breaks

Kelsey Dunne

Program Coordinator

Susan Luchey

Leadership Education Consultant

Jill Urban

Administrative Assistant

Staff awards and accomplishments

Bright Initiative Award

The Bright Initiative Award is designed to recognize departments within the Division who are responding to the ever-changing needs of our work and students, fusing the expertise of the unit’s professional staff with a spirit of creativity and innovation to solve problems and meet new demands while upholding our division’s Mission, Vision and Values. We are very excited to recognize three projects, and the people behind them, with this honor.

Tony Doody

interviewed by Darlene Cartwright

Susan Luchey

interviewed by Bridget Burger