Leadership Programs

New Offerings


Starting in fall 2023, we’re offering 10–12-week certificates focused on leadership skill development. These are non-credit-bearing, co-curricular certificates that focus on a specific area of leadership. During the 2023-2024 academic year, we’ll offer career readiness, health and wellbeing, emerging leader, group leadership, community activism, leadership e-portfolio and ‘leadership for life’ certificates.

What can you gain from a certificate in leadership?

  • Enhance your résumé with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experiential leadership 
  • Understand that everyone has the potential to lead 
  • Understand that leadership development is an ongoing process 
  • Articulate a personal, demonstrated leadership style and application 
  • Appreciate and understand a diverse array of perspectives, cultures and style preferences 
  • Understand that true leadership involves effecting positive change 
  • Learn skills that enhance your ability to build relationships and to manage an organization or team 
  • Improve your communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem analysis and management skills 
  • Engage in purposeful community service and reflection
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Leadership Consultants

Designed by students for students, our leadership consultants are forming for the 2023-2024 academic year. Consultants will meet with RSOs, Greek life and other student organizations to facilitate leadership training.

Additional Offerings

Blue Hen Leadership Program

The Blue Hen Leadership Program is centered on The Social Change Model of Leadership (Higher Education Research Institute, 1996 Tier) and builds on its tiered curriculum to correspond to the Self, Group and Community lenses of that model. Tenets from the Social Action, Leadership and Transformation (SALT) Model (Muesus, 2017) inform our curriculum in all four tiers. The Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner) and its five principles—Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart—provide the foundation for the Emerging Leader tier of the program. All leadership theories and models taught in the program rely heavily on self-awareness, values, the importance of relationships, and communication in ultimately effecting positive change. 

All undergraduate and graduate students who haven’t completed Tier 1 by fall 2023 can register for our 10-week Emerging Leader Certificate program and various service opportunities. 

Collegiate Leadership Competition

This national competition takes place annually as a virtual event. Teams of undergraduate students compete in activities that apply and challenge their leadership knowledge. This opportunity allows students to practice skills in an off-campus setting, and experience the leadership of their peers at other colleges and universities.


The Creative Leadership, Innovation, and Service team is proud to offer a variety of workshops that can engage all members of the campus community on leadership topics. Use our Request a Workshop form below and choose from one of our available topics or request a customized workshop. If you have questions, please email us.

Workshop Topic Areas
Personal Development
Leadership Foundations
Group and Team Dynamics
Organization Effectiveness

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