Youdee Leadership Awards

About the YoUDee Awards

The YoUDee Leadership Awards is an annual program that recognizes registered student organizations (RSOs), student leaders and staff for their hard work in programming, philanthropy, marketing, overall achievement and more!

This year’s award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

Award Categories

Individual Awards

Outstanding Advisor

The Outstanding Advisor Award recognizes outstanding support and guidance by the volunteer advisor (full-time exempt staff member) of an organization. The individual must demonstrate devotion, caring and mentoring to the organization. This is a person who exceeds expectations, attends meetings/events on a regular basis and has a positive impact on the success of the organization and its leaders.

NOTE: Professional advisors, as well as advisors who received the award the previous year, are not eligible.

Outstanding Leader in Philanthropy

This award recognizes a student who has been highly engaged in philanthropic activities on the University of Delaware campus to support local or national causes. This individual is someone who makes tremendous strides in creating and promoting philanthropic events.

Outstanding RSO Leader

The RSO Leader of the Year is awarded to any member of a registered student organization who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills. The member has been instrumental in helping the chapter work towards its mission as well as help plan and conducts successful programming.

NOTE: The individual does not need to be an officer of the organization or chapter, but rather someone who has provided leadership to the group, its members and the University community.

Eligible Organizations: Registered Student Organizations

Outstanding Treasurer

The Outstanding Treasurer award recognizes the outstanding management of the group’s treasury books, reconciliation of ledgers, and reimbursement of funds. In addition, this individual should have made efforts to increase the organization’s funds as well as obtain necessary funding properly in order to implement planned events successfully.

Eligible Organizations: Registered Student Organizations

Bernie Award

Every year we recognize a UD staff or community member who has contributed to the success of student organizations. This special award is affectionately called “The Bernie” in honor of the staff person, Bernadette “Bernie” Coslar whom the award memorializes.

NOTE: This should not be the advisor of the RSO submitting this nomination.

Rosin Rising Star Award

The Rosin Rising Star Award was established in recognition and remembrance of Matthew Rosin. Matthew was a sophomore student leader who passed away in the spring of 2016. One first-year or sophomore undergraduate is honored with this award for demonstrating outstanding leadership potential in helping to produce campus-wide, co-curricular programs. The recipient must exhibit a high degree of student group involvement, organizational support, and leadership growth and development.

NOTE: The previous year’s award recipient is not eligible for this year.

Eligible Individuals: First-Year or Sophomore Undergraduate

Grossman Memorial Award

Each year a junior or senior undergraduate is honored for outstanding contributions to campus-wide co-curricular programs, as well as a high quality of leadership and organizational ability in helping plan and present programs. The Grossman Memorial Award was established by the Class of 1963 in remembrance of their classmates, Judy and Bill Grossman. Winners of this Grossman Memorial Award will receive a monetary award. 

NOTE: The previous year’s award recipient is not eligible for this year.

Eligible Individuals: Junior or Senior Undergraduate

Blue Hen Spirit Award

The Blue Hen Spirit Award is given to a student who demonstrates and enhances the Blue Hen spirit. This student exhibits high involvement in RSOs, contributes to the University through UD traditions and events, and creates positive experiences among the Blue Hen community.

Group Awards

Outstanding New Organization

The Best New RSO award is only open to Registered Student Organizations who have been recognized for less than two academic years (including the current academic year) but have been able to quickly build membership and become a known presence and have a positive impact on campus through its successful marketing, activities and programs. It recognizes success in both quality and quantity of activities, as well as establishing relationships with other organizations and departments.

NOTE: The previous year’s award recipient is not eligible for this year.

Eligible Organizations: Registered Student Organizations

Outstanding Program / Event / Philanthropy / Community Service

The Outstanding Program/Event award recognizes an organization for following its mission and purpose through planning and implementing a program or event exceedingly well. The program must coincide with the organization’s mission and should have provided a positive reflection of the organization to the campus community beyond its own members.

Here is a list of possible categories for RSOs within Outstanding Program/Event award umbrella:

  • Community Service
  • Philanthropy, Cultural
  • Health & Wellness
  • Community Engagement
  • Performing Arts
  • Large Scale
  • Global
  • Lecture
  • Educational
  • New
  • Annual

NOTE: All programs must have been held on campus.

Eligible Organizations: Registered Student Organizations

Outstanding Overall Achievement

The Outstanding Overall Achievement award recognizes an organization for following its mission, achieving its objectives successfully and making an impact on campus throughout the academic year. The organization has stayed active through effective marketing and publicity of meetings and events, sponsoring a variety of successful programs, sustaining an active membership and maintaining positive relationships with other organizations and departments. Actions of the organization and its members should exceed expectations.

Eligible Organizations: Registered Student Organizations.

Outstanding Marketing

The Outstanding Marketing Award recognizes an organization’s outstanding use of social media, print material and other resources to advertise their organization and events. The organization receiving this award has gone above and beyond in their marketing efforts demonstrating creativity and attention to detail.

The submission should be for a specific event or initiative from the RSO. Entries for the specific event or initiative can include multiple submissions if part of an overall marketing campaign.

Best RSO Collaboration

The Best RSO Collaboration Award is presented to two or more organizations that worked together to plan and implement an event or series of events.

Programs being considered should demonstrate how the groups contributed to the overall success of the event, how and why the collaboration started, and explain how the program aligned with the missions of all partnering organizations.

Students pose with their trophy at the 2023 YoUDee Awards

Past Awardees