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Student Life Art Contest

Show off your artwork and enter for a chance to be exhibited!

The Student Life Art Contest theme is open-ended and runs for the academic year (late August through mid-May). Each summer, we select eight winning artists to be highlighted here on the Artist Space and displayed in the University Student Centers student art exhibition.

Winners will be announced on Student Life News with the release of the new exhibit displayed annually, typically at the beginning of the fall semester.

Other submissions may also be considered for display in other Student Life spaces throughout campus. Browse through and tell us what you like! If you have any questions reach us at

Featured Artists

2022–2023 Contest Winners

1st Place

PB & J

Painting of a stack of sandwiches oozing with peanut butter and jelly

Emily Smith, ’25
Oil Painting, 2022

2nd Place

String of Thought

Embroidered skull with multicolored raised satin stitch and bullion knots used to form the shape of a brain

Adrienne Henderson, ’23
Embroidery, 2021

3rd Place


Oil painting of piano keys

Emily Smith, ’25
Oil Painting, 2022

4th Place

I Don’t Want to Grow Up

Black and white photograph of a teddy bear on a chair in front of a snowy forest of bare trees. The words "I don't wanna grow up" are superimposed on the photo.

Larissa Veronica Heather, ’26
Photography, 2022

5th Place

Inked Cherries

Ink drawing of two cherries

Erin Donnelly, ’26
Ink, 2021

6th Place

Blossoms amongst Buds

Photograph of pink flowers on a branch

Priyanka Chaudhuri, ’24
Photography, 2021

7th Place

Bruised Orange

Black and white painting of female standing in front of a large face in the background, visible through her opaque figure. Pops of color appear throughout the artwork in an orange and flower on a table and the mouth of the face.

Adebola Bolarinwa, ’24
Oil Pastel on Canvas, 2021

8th Place

Childhood Memory

Illustration of a child with red hair on a tire swing hanging from a large tree, surrounded by hills and flowers

Parsa Sanjana Binte Hoque, ’23
Visual Art, 2022

Honorable Mentions

Picture of a sunset over the University of Delaware campus during the winter

A cozy afternoon

Xueli Qiu, ’24
Photography, 2023

Painting of a strawberry and lemon slice on a shiny surface

Strawberry Lemonade

Bear Figueroa, ’26