Our Eggceptional Team

These professional staff and students make up The Egg, Student Centers Creative Agency, one fantastically talented and imaginative team.

Egg Leadership

Art & Design Team Supervisors

Abby Phillips

Communication Manager, Creative & Operations, Program Director, The Egg

Randi Homola

Communication Specialist I

Web & UX Team Supervisors

Sarah Ashley

Digital Communications Specialist

Sean Diffendall

Communication Manager, Web and UX

Content Marketing Team Supervisors

Jessica Downey

Content Communication Specialist

Multimedia Team Supervisors

Kirk Smith

Communication Specialist I

Ivan Avila

Communication Specialist I

Art & Design Team

Taryn Fields

Art Director

Brian Carbajal

Design Director

Adaleigh Nare

Graphic Designer

Joycelyn Brown

Graphic Designer

Victoria Simons

Graphic Designer

Laura Shidle

Graphic Designer

Web & UX Team

Grace Housler

Marketing and Analytics Director

Casey Nyman

Web Designer

Eleanor Creelman

Marketing & UX Researcher

Kevin Chau

Web Designer

Holly Dickerson

Marketing and UX Researcher


Marketing and UX Researcher

Content Marketing Team

Elliana Olivo


Lindsey McLaughlin

Social Media Coordinator

Samantha La Scala

Marketing & Event Intern

Caroline Anderson

Marketing & Event Intern

Dhrasti Patel

Marketing & Event Intern

Tyler Fortner

Marketing & Event Intern

Emma Heitzenroder

Marketing & Event Intern

Letta Greberis

Marketing & Event Intern

Riley Coates

Marketing & Event Intern

Meghan Omara

Marketing & Event Intern

Multimedia Team

Jason Wang


Isabel LeCompte


Nicholas Tovo


Alania Mariano

Multimedia Specialist

Brandon Alper


John-Paul Casella


Project Management


Project Coordinator

What did the program do for you?

Jane Capodanno '24

“Working for The Egg is a super flexible experience that let me explore graphic design, learn new software and concepts, and use a different part of my brain than I used for my classes. I got to work with people who are really familiar with graphic design and to serve other university departments and RSOs as clients, which was always interesting! I would recommend The Egg if you’re looking for a low-key work experience that gives you creative experience in addition to your degree.”

Ethan Downs '23

My time as a marketing analytics intern at the University of Delaware was a truly enriching experience. The Egg built a strong foundation of continual professional development, which enabled me to succeed in my position. The knowledgeable and supportive team fostered my growth as a marketer, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and visionary team.

Kate Zincone '22

“Working at The Egg has allowed me to refine my interests and better determine which type of career path I would like to pursue. It has been the most influential aspect of my college career and has given me the skills, knowledge and direction I needed as an undergraduate student. Being a part of this collaborative team has certainly helped mold me into the professional I am today!”

Jess Abrevaya '22

“Working at the Egg has been a great experience and one of my favorite parts about my time at college. It taught me so many valuable skills, such as learning about website editing, design, and marketing. I will definitely apply these skills to future professional endeavors and I am excited for how these will help me grow even further in the future!”

Catherine Czajka '21

“Working at the Egg has allowed me to explore my own passions and learn so much from the other team members in a collaborative environment. I’ve been able to develop my skills in design and learn way more about all the amazing organizations on campus.”

Kristine Lim '21

“Working for The Egg has been one of the most beneficial, enjoyable, and rewarding parts of my college experience. As a marketing major, it ties together everything I love—marketing, social media, graphic design—and has helped me to grow my skills in these areas, and better positioned me for internships and jobs.”

Emily Taylor '20

“The Egg is 100% the most beneficial and memorable part of my time at UD. I have grown so much as a professional, as well as exponentially expanding my graphic design, marketing, and social media skills. This team is so collaborative and creative, it is an honor to be a member!”

Macy Oteri '19

“The Egg has allowed me to grow my passion and skillset for photography and videography as well as provided opportunities for collaboration amongst organizations and between team members. Each team member brings creativity and a unique skill set to the table. I learned so much!”