College Democrats Endorse Chris Coons for Senate, John Carney for Congress

NEWARK, DE: SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 – By overwhelming margins, the membership of the College Democrats at the University of Delaware voted Monday night to endorse both Chris Coons for US Senate and John Carney for Congress, clearing the way for the organization to provide volunteers to their campaigns ahead of November’s election. Both Coons and Carney spoke to a crowded room at the first College Democrats meeting of the semester on Monday night, addressing a variety of topics from stimulating the economy to protecting social security to social issues.

The College Democrats are particularly supportive of the strong stances both men have taken in support of climate legislation and promotion of clean energy in Delaware and the United States. “For younger voters, like those of us in the College Democrats, climate change will be the overriding issue of our lives,” said Bill Humphrey, President of the College Democrats. “We have to act now.” Both candidates have also proposed specific measures to increase transparency in Congress and reduce conflicts of interest with lobbyists that have reduced the effectiveness of our government. Chris Coons and John Carney understand that voters want a government that gets the job done and works for them, not for the special interests.

In the Senate race, the College Democrats are seeking fresh leadership for Delaware in the seat once occupied by the University of Delaware’s own Joe Biden, and New Castle County Executive Chris Coons can provide that. He has a demonstrated record of sound governance and will make responsible choices for Federal budgeting as he has in New Castle County. “Chris Coons has a very straightforward approach to addressing issues and suggesting solutions to current points of concern, a refreshing change from average politicians,” observed Andrew Shah of Fort Washington, PA.

In the House race, former Lt. Gov. John Carney has demonstrated an admirable, lifelong commitment to helping Delawareans, from promoting job creation while in government and in the private sector, to encouraging healthier lifestyles. John Carney understands how to balance long-term fiscal responsibility with a short-term need to create jobs here and across the country. “Delaware Democrats like Chris Coons and John Carney represent a civil, well- reasoned, positive change this November,” noted Gifty Abraham, Director of Development for the College Democrats, positively contrasting them with some
politicians from his home state of New York. Along with these endorsements, the College Democrats formally announced their Fall

2010 election strategy, with a full calendar of political events and campaign volunteering. In coordination with many candidates and the Delaware Democratic Party, the College Democrats will be knocking on doors, making phone calls, and
helping to get more and better progressive Democrats elected here in Delaware and in neighboring states.