Positions Posted in September 2012

September 6, 2012

INTERNSHIP — The Delaware Democratic Party is looking for interns this fall for our coordinated campaign. We, the Democratic Party of Delaware, dedicate ourselves to maintaining and improving our leadership in government. From election districts with community involvement to the statewide campaigns, Delaware Democrats shall recruit and organize. By continuing to encourage participation of all Delawareans in our party, by supporting our candidates and by promoting personal freedom, economic and educational opportunity, efficient government and justice for all, our roots will grow and our leaders will succeed.

Interns would be getting the word out to vote for the Delaware Democratic Party. They would be responsible for office work, including data entry. In addition, the internship includes political canvassing. This is an amazing learning experience for student that wants to get involved with government and campaign work.

Please feel free to e-mail with any inquiries at Kerry@deldems.org. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kerry Kilgallin
Field Organizer
Delaware Democratic Party
(302) 528-3493

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