It’s a Great Time to be a College Democrat

The following was an editorial that ran in the UD Review from College Democrats president Paul Ruiz: Two weeks ago the Blue Hen Poll found that 66 percent of university students identify themselves as Democrats. More than 80 percent of this campus voted in the 2008 general election and 75 percent of us supported Barack Obama. Our generation elected the first African-American president, and we did so without hesitancy and with confidence.

The Democratic Party is our party, the party of young people. Our decision in 2008 reflects not only our strong desire for change in this moment, but also our demand for change in the future. On several fronts, Democrats have embraced our values and formed coalitions with moderate Republicans to advance our issues: marijuana legalization, equal marriage and support for women’s rights, just to name a few. Our generation has said “no” to torture and enthusiastically said “yes” to universal healthcare, and with an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress, a Democratic president and moderate Supreme Court, we must act now. There has never been a better time to be a College Democrat.

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