Why I support the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal (TPP) of 2015.

By Hirak Mukhopadhyay

The TPP trade deal has started an interesting uproar in Washington. The Obama Administration has found support to “fast-track” it (pass the TPA) from Ted Cruz, Dianne Feinstein, Mitch McConnell, and Claire McCaskill, with opposition from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul, Harry Reid, and Joe Manchin. Interesting groups to say the least1, 2. For the sake of simplicity, I will discuss the TPP (which is linked with the TPA), not the TTIP and TAA. I’m very aware that Democrats have turned on President Obama due to many negatives that this deal would have both nationally and internationally. But I have a very different perspective on this deal, and I do not think its overblown faults should block such a great opportunity. Here are my reasons for firmly standing by the TPP.

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