College Democrats Endorse Delaware Right to Marry

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NEWARK, DE: DECEMBER 12, 2010 – The University of Delaware College Democrats voted last Monday to endorse the Delaware Right to Marry Political Action Committee. The vote was unanimous, as the College Dems prepared to move forward in their efforts to ensure equal rights for all Delawareans regardless sexual orientation. “This is an important step forward in ending discrimination against same-sex couples and ensuring that they have the same rights which are guaranteed to heterosexual couples,” said Gifty Abraham, College Democrats Vice President. Marriage equality has had broad student support both within the College Democrats and the general University student body, and the College Democrats are proud to be taking such an active role in promoting the cause.

Last Monday’s formal endorsement officially clears the way for the College Democrats at the University of Delaware to provide support for and coordinate efforts closely with Delaware Right to Marry PAC. The PAC is currently raising money to commission a statewide poll on marriage equality and other gay rights issues, and the College Democrats are encouraging members to donate. In the spring, the College Democrats hope to organize a rally on campus for marriage equality along with other PAC supporters such as UD Haven.


College Democrats Endorse Chris Coons for Senate, John Carney for Congress

NEWARK, DE: SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 – By overwhelming margins, the membership of the College Democrats at the University of Delaware voted Monday night to endorse both Chris Coons for US Senate and John Carney for Congress, clearing the way for the organization to provide volunteers to their campaigns ahead of November’s election. Both Coons and Carney spoke to a crowded room at the first College Democrats meeting of the semester on Monday night, addressing a variety of topics from stimulating the economy to protecting social security to social issues.

The College Democrats are particularly supportive of the strong stances both men have taken in support of climate legislation and promotion of clean energy in Delaware and the United States. “For younger voters, like those of us in the College Democrats, climate change will be the overriding issue of our lives,” said Bill Humphrey, President of the College Democrats. “We have to act now.” Both candidates have also proposed specific measures to increase transparency in Congress and reduce conflicts of interest with lobbyists that have reduced the effectiveness of our government. Chris Coons and John Carney understand that voters want a government that gets the job done and works for them, not for the special interests.

In the Senate race, the College Democrats are seeking fresh leadership for Delaware in the seat once occupied by the University of Delaware’s own Joe Biden, and New Castle County Executive Chris Coons can provide that. He has a demonstrated record of sound governance and will make responsible choices for Federal budgeting as he has in New Castle County. “Chris Coons has a very straightforward approach to addressing issues and suggesting solutions to current points of concern, a refreshing change from average politicians,” observed Andrew Shah of Fort Washington, PA.

In the House race, former Lt. Gov. John Carney has demonstrated an admirable, lifelong commitment to helping Delawareans, from promoting job creation while in government and in the private sector, to encouraging healthier lifestyles. John Carney understands how to balance long-term fiscal responsibility with a short-term need to create jobs here and across the country. “Delaware Democrats like Chris Coons and John Carney represent a civil, well- reasoned, positive change this November,” noted Gifty Abraham, Director of Development for the College Democrats, positively contrasting them with some
politicians from his home state of New York. Along with these endorsements, the College Democrats formally announced their Fall

2010 election strategy, with a full calendar of political events and campaign volunteering. In coordination with many candidates and the Delaware Democratic Party, the College Democrats will be knocking on doors, making phone calls, and
helping to get more and better progressive Democrats elected here in Delaware and in neighboring states.

Historic Health Care Reform

President Obama entered office promising to bring hope and change, and he has started to deliver. Congress has finally, after an intense and ugly legislative battle that highlighted the Republican Party’s resolve to do as little as possible for underprivileged, working-class Americans, and the enormous power of special interests in Washington D.C., passed the bill that will bring health care to over 30 million Americans who lack access to medical insurance. The cost of bringing health care to 30 million Americans over then next 10 years is about $950 billion, far less than the cost of the unnecessary war in Iraq, and marginally more than President Bush’s bailout for the rich bankers on Wall Street.

As President Obama pointed out, this bill will not alleviate all the problems that undermine our national health care system, but it is indeed a decisive step forward towards transforming America and rededicating its government to improving the life of Americans. For eight years when the Bush administration was in-charge, all we did was wage wars and bomb nations as the country grew bigger, poorer, more in debt and weaker in infrastructure.

Something this big, that affects so many – 30 million Americans – did not happen in the last 45 years. To find a comparable historic moment we have to go back to the Social Security reform in 1965 – brought about by another set of a Democratic Congress and President — which through Medicare and Medicaid provides health insurance to over 85 million Americans (nearly one out of three Americans) for less than 8 percent of the GDP.

Like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the health care reform bill of 2010, Medicare and Medicaid too were vigorously opposed by the Republican Party. But today, except for some Republican legislators who keep trying to kill Medicare and Medicaid, most people recognize how vital this program is to Americans. Eventually in 20-30 years Republicans too will recognize how vital President Obama’s health care bill is for America.

The passage of the health care bill will have profound impact on many aspects of American life. Besides helping those who cannot afford health care now and those who suffer from pre-existing conditions, the bill will also alter the balance of power between special interests and national interests. For a change national interest has gained precedence over special interests. I think in this time when the economy is weak, and the country has lost a lot of wealth in stock and real estate markets, when job growth remains elusive, it is specially good that national interest has prevailed.

Another major impact of the health care bill will be towards poverty reduction. High health care costs have not only prevented many millions from having the necessary procedures that will make them healthy and more productive, but it has also contributed to a higher level of national anxiety that undermines optimism about the American dream. Even for those who have health insurance but also have a serious problem like a heart condition, the fear of losing a job and then being victimized by insurance agencies for having a pre-existing condition has prevented them from pursuing dreams and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ironically, both President Obama and the Democratic Party may pay a political price at the polls in November of this year for this. The actual benefits of this legislation will be realized only four years from now. But regardless of whether the Democratic Party cashes in on this major reform initiative or not, this is good for them. It reminds them that they can do things in Washington that approach a political philosophers idea of the public good.

It will also remind those in the public service that short-term political sacrifices are worth making in pursuit of long-term visions. Health care reform was a cherished idea of the Democratic Party and today it has been realized. Congratulations, to President Obama for steadfastly fighting for this vision and to the Democrats for finally standing up and being counted on behalf of something meaningful.

President Obama, whether on the subject of Middle East peace or on health care reform, is steadfastly defending America’s national interest against special interests. Republicans like to talk about America first, while in reality serving special interests, like the recent Republican dominated Supreme Courts decision to repeal campaign finance limits on special interests, but President Obama is indeed pursuing an America first policy.

He has indeed proven to be a Baraka (blessing) for America.

Dr. Muqtedar Khan is director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware and a Fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (

Thank You, College Democrats!

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as president of the Delaware College Democrats. I’m accepting a fall internship offer in the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs in Washington, D.C.

I realize this decision will come as a surprise to many and I want everyone to understand it was not easy. The offer was made in late June, and I have spent much time reflecting on the merits of interning in the State Department. This internship offers the unique opportunity to grasp international drug policy in a way that supplements my undergraduate political science and criminal justice studies.

Please understand that this decision was extraordinarily difficult; I have given much of my college career to College Democrats. From my freshman year, when I was the lone staunch supporter of another skinny guy from Illinois (22 months before the election), to my sophomore year leading SFBO, and my junior year as president, College Democrats has been the source of many terrific memories that have enriched my college career. Thank you.

Paul Ruiz, President, 2008-2009

It’s a Great Time to be a College Democrat

The following was an editorial that ran in the UD Review from College Democrats president Paul Ruiz: Two weeks ago the Blue Hen Poll found that 66 percent of university students identify themselves as Democrats. More than 80 percent of this campus voted in the 2008 general election and 75 percent of us supported Barack Obama. Our generation elected the first African-American president, and we did so without hesitancy and with confidence.

The Democratic Party is our party, the party of young people. Our decision in 2008 reflects not only our strong desire for change in this moment, but also our demand for change in the future. On several fronts, Democrats have embraced our values and formed coalitions with moderate Republicans to advance our issues: marijuana legalization, equal marriage and support for women’s rights, just to name a few. Our generation has said “no” to torture and enthusiastically said “yes” to universal healthcare, and with an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress, a Democratic president and moderate Supreme Court, we must act now. There has never been a better time to be a College Democrat.

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College Democrats vs. College Republicans Debate

The 5th Annual Debate – Moderated by Ralph Begleiter

Monday, May 11, 2009
Kirkbride 100
7-8:30 PM

Gay Marriage
Illegal Immigration
The Economy

Ralph Begleiter brings more than 30 years of broadcast journalism experience to the University of Delaware, where he teaches communication, journalism, and political science. During two decades as CNN’s “world affairs correspondent,” Begleiter was the network’s most widely-traveled reporter. He has visited some 95 countries on 6 continents.

UD Remains a Democratic Campus

According to data released today from the Blue Hen Poll, 2/3 of UD students identify themselves as Democrats. Additionally, of the 82.5% of UD students who voted in the 2008 presidential election, over 3/4 (76.9%) voted for Barack Obama.

The BHP was conducted by Dr. David C. Wilson who formerly worked for the Gallup Poll. The poll has 95% confidence and samples 2,500 UD students.