The Fading Relevance of the Delaware Republican Party

In this year’s elections, the Republican Party has seemingly avoided the nutty Todd Akin and Sharon Angle candidates that prevented the party from making gains in the House or Senate in 2012. Except in Delaware, where fringe candidates have become the mainstream for the local GOP.

Running against Congressman Carney this year is Rose Izzo. With a website seemingly stuck in the late 1990’s, it’s hard to tell exactly who she is or what she stands for. Fortunately, the would be congresswoman posted a survey response on her twitter account that pretty much says everything a sane voter should know. On the Ron Paul supporting Campaign for Liberty survey, Izzo reveals herself as the very model of extreme Paulite. Among the policies she has chosen to support are removing the United States from the United Nations, ending all foreign aid, opposing any debt limit increase, and removing all taxes on gold or silver coinage.

Running against Senator Coons, is 2012 rerun Kevin Wade. Wade decided to promote his candidacy this year by going on a “fact finding” trip to Israel during the Gaza Conflict. Apparently he thinks what Israel really needs is failed Senate candidates snooping around looking for free publicity. Wade also seeks to replace the ACA, with his “NeighborHealth,” which would have people get health care upon completion of service to their neighborhoods. Wade has no details yet, so we are left to guess whether Wade plans to give neighborhoods the power to have their own health exchanges, or if he thinks health insurance companies will gave away free health care to anyone who mows a few lawns. Finally, as one can expect from a tea party republican, Wade has some strange ideas on women’s reproductive rights. Namely, that “people” have God given rights from the moment of conception. So in a hypothetical Kevin Wade run America we can all expect fertilized eggs to have full rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe we can even have fertilized eggs with the right to bear arms or the right to vote.