Creating an Honors Degree

Departmental Approval

  • If a department wishes to create an Honors Degree or wishes to change the specific departmental requirements for the Honors Degree, the department faculty should meet and discuss a proposal, including how they will offer a minimum of 9-12 Honors credits in the major on a regular basis.
  • A senior year capstone course is required for the Honors Degree. The Honors Program provides capstone courses every semester, so departments do not necessarily have to offer an Honors Degree capstone course in the major.
  • If a department wishes to have a capstone course designated as an Honors Degree approved capstone course, the department must submit a course syllabus and course description to the Honors Program for approval. The course must meet the requirements for an Honors Degree capstone.
  • The UDHP staff will consult with the department and answer any questions they have about Honors Degree requirements and how to offer Honors courses.
  • After approval by the department, the Honors Degree proposal next goes to the College Committee.

College Approval

  • A letter of support from the Honors Program Director should accompany the Honors Degree proposal. In addition to the proposal, the department should include a list of courses the department will regularly offer as Honors courses, to demonstrate how students will earn Honors credits in the major. The Honors Program letter of support, as well as the information documenting how students will earn Honors credits, should accompany the Honors Degree proposal as it goes through the approval process, beginning with the college committee or appropriate faculty body.
  • After review by the appropriate faculty body, the College Dean signs off on the Honors Degree proposal.
  • After approval at the College level, the proposal goes to the University Faculty Senate Office for review by the Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • Note: Approval in the College of Arts and Sciences rests with the A&S Faculty Senate after review by the Educational Affairs Committee.

Faculty Senate Approval

  • The Undergraduate Studies Committee reviews the proposal for approval.
  • The Faculty Senate Executive Committee reviews for proposal for approval.
  • Next, the proposal goes to the full University Faculty Senate for approval.


  • Once approved by the Faculty Senate, the new Honors Degree will go into the catalog and will be entered as a degree track in the Registrar’s Office.