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June 19, 2020: 

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks to those of you who were able to join us last week for our Zoom session, co-hosted with the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Honors online: Multicultural Pedagogy in a Virtual Environment.

Thanks to the generosity of the Honors community, you’ll see in the list below three follow up sessions planned and numerous resources to share, which can be accessed via the direct links provided or in a new Shared Resources for Honors Teaching Google Drive folder.

We would also like to help facilitate informal small groups for those with similar teaching concerns or within specific content or disciplinary areas. If we can help connect you with other faculty or specific resources, please let us know.

Upcoming Honors Faculty sessions:

Susan Luchey, Associate Director of the BLUE HEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM OFFICE, to help students develop effective teams when working on class projects: Thursday June 25, 1 PM Join Zoom Meeting:  https://udel.zoom.us/j/91341855644 Password: Honors

Honors Teaching — Committing to Inclusive Pedagogy: Friday July 10th at 11 AM  Dr. Kubota and participants will unpack  challenges and examine factors that improve open-mindedness, understanding, compassion, and inclusiveness to foster a more inclusive pedagogy. Dr. Kubota is an assistant professor in the departments of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Political Science and International Relations.  Join Zoom Meeting: https://udel.zoom.us/j/93135168329 Password: Honors

Please also watch for a forthcoming Honors-focused Engaging in Courageous Social Justice Conversations which will include how to handle mistakes during difficult conversations (with Adam Foley, OEI)

With regards,


Chrysanthi Leon, JD, PhD

Deputy Director, Honors

Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

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