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Honors Students Call for Anti Racist and Social Justice Course Components

Honors students created a group called PACCT to address racism and injustice. Here is their mission statement: The People of All Colors and Communities Together committee stands to achieve equality and equity for people from all walks of life. As students of the Honors College, we have a unifying relationship with the Honors staff to hold each other accountable in accomplishing goals that reflect our socially just and antiracist values. While we treasure our differences because they make us beautiful and allow us to bring various enlightening experiences to the table, we all make a pact of unity striving towards the goal of making the world a better place. In order to do so, we will start right here at home: the University of Delaware.

PACCT has suggested resources for the Honors First Year Seminar and Colloquia. They’ve articulated specific concerns and specific requests and have compiled very helpful resources that they, as students, feel will resonate well with other Honors students. See the proposal in Shared Resources for Honors Teaching folder.

This is the first significant accomplishment of the group that began meeting in July 2020, which also includes providing input into our admissions questions, informing strategic planning, building relationships with other groups including MOSAIC within Honors, initiating a call for the Faculty Senate to review how departments fulfill the ethics component of Gen Ed, and volunteering to help recruit a diverse Honors student body.

Although initially focused on the first year courses, I would appreciate it if faculty would take a look and consider how you might incorporate some of the issues or resources they have identified–specific resources are offered beginning on page 4.  I would particularly like to amplify this request:

We recommend that professors consider how their topics, readings and assignments already address these issues, make this explicit and add more content and discussion where appropriate. 

While this proposal comes to you from the students, as Honors leadership we are asking you to consider how you can address and incorporate proposal components. We commit to fulfilling the aspects directed at Honors as a College.

Thank you,

Chrysanthi Leon, JD, PhD
Deputy Director, Honors
Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

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