Current UD students who did not apply or who were not admitted to the Honors College as incoming freshmen may participate later. Current students who transferred to UD are not eligible to apply at this time. 

Step 1: Take at least one Honors course in the spring semester of your freshman year or the fall of your sophomore year.  Note: Any full-time matriculated University of Delaware student who has a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in at least 12 credits at the University of Delaware is eligible to take Honors courses on a space available basis. Please contact or 302-831-1195 to enroll.

Step 2: Earn a grade of B or better in the Honors course. Please note that taking one Honors course is the minimum, and we recommend that students take more Honors courses if possible if they plan to apply. 

Step 3: Speak with an Honors College staff member about your intentions to apply (contact or 302-831-1195). Honors Degrees are available in most, but not all, majors. Admission to the Honors College does not guarantee earning an Honors Degree.

Step 4: Attain at least a 3.40 cumulative UD GPA, submit the application, and enroll in an Honors course or course(s) for the following semester.

Eligible applicants must be full-time matriculated University of Delaware students at the end of their freshman year or after the first semester of their sophomore year. We currently do not accept applications from students who have completed their sophomore year and beyond.

Deadline for students who have completed freshman year is June 15. Deadline for sophomores who have completed their first semester is January 15. 

The summer 2024 application for students completing their first year at UD is now available. All spring 2024 grades must be posted before submission. Applications are due June 15. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and received by the Honors College by the deadline.

For more information, contact the Honors College Office at or (302) 831-1195. Upon acceptance to the College, students are eligible to work toward the Honors Degree or Honors Degree with Distinction, where available. However, please note that admission to the Honors College does NOT guarantee earning an Honors Degree. They may also participate in the extracurricular activities and benefits available to all students in the Honors College.