Jessica Pidgeon and Erin Pysher in front of the Honors building

Andrew Blackburn and Jacob Hewes received their certificates

Brandy Conte, Lauren O’Hara, Rebecca DeBellis, and Isabelle Reinharz pose in front of the Honors College banner


Emails notifying students about their receipt of the award are sent in October of their junior year. The General Honors Award is listed on each student’s University of Delaware official transcript. The award recognizes a student’s pursuit of Honors curriculum and enrichment opportunities during the first two years of university study.  Students admitted to the Honors College in their first year are eligible for this award as long as they satisfy the requirements below. All students in the University of Delaware Honors College are automatically reviewed for the General Honors Award the summer after their second year. No separate application is required. Students who earn the General Honors Award are recognized at an event in the fall of their third year.

See this page to be able to view a list of the Honors courses you have completed or in which you are currently enrolled. Please note: this list is for advisement purposes and does not guarantee your completion of the General Honors Award or Honors Degree requirements.

Requirements for the General Honors Award

  • Eighteen credits of Honors coursework over the first two years, with a minimum of 12 credits required in the first year.
  • The 12 Honors credits required in the first year must include an interdisciplinary Honors colloquium and an Honors ENGL 110 (seminar in composition) course. For students who have credit for ENGL 110 prior to their matriculation, an Honors ENGL 110 is not required. However, 12 Honors credits are still required in the first two semesters at the University of Delaware Newark campus.
  • A minimum of a 3.30 cumulative GPA must be earned by the end of the student’s first two years at the University.
  • A minimum of 60 credits (including AP and/or transfer credits) must be completed by the end of the student’s second year, with at least 54 credits earned at UD.
  • Students are required to live in the Honors first-year Living Learning Community unless commuting from home or have approval for an alternate option (waived for students who lived at home due to the pandemic).
  • A minimum grade of C- is required in all Honors courses counting toward the General Honors Award