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GEOG 667: Land System Science

  • Explore the intricate relationships between land, ecosystems, and human activities

  • Gain insights into the principles of studying land systems

  • Understand the dynamics of landscapes and their implications for environmental sustainability

  • Learn about topics such as global land system megatrends, irreversibility and path dependence, distant connections

  • Interdisciplinary approach integrating geography, ecology, environmental science, and more

  • Join us in unraveling the complexities of Land System Science!

Instructor: Dr. Pinki Mondal

Fall 2024; TR 2:20pm – 3:40pm

Honors Enrichment Opportunities

  • Honors students can apply for up to $3,000 to assist with activities related to their academic or professional pursuits. Applications for the Honors enrichment funds are accepted on a rolling basis. The Spring 2024 application cycle ends April 12 – find out more.

Germany Study Abroad Experience

  • The Department for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures presents their German for Engineering study abroad experience! To study abroad in Germany for winter session 2025, you would need to start taking the necessary courses starting summer 2024. Have questions? Email Dr. Richardson at dfr@udel.edu, Assistant Professor of German.

Research Internships

  • The University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (CCM) is recruiting for undergraduate research internships for Winter and Summer 2024 sessions. Research Internships are can be part-time during the academic semester and full-time during summer and winter and offer structured work experiences that allow students to work on cutting-edge projects and learn from experts in the field. Find out more, and apply today.

UD Career and Life Studies Certificate (CLSC) Program

  • CLSC is currently hiring undergraduate students to fill the roles of Point Coaches, Career Coaches, TAs, and Interns. CLSC is an inclusive higher education program that offers students with Intellectual Disabilities career, academic, and independent living instruction in an inclusive setting in preparation for gainful employment. More information can be found here along with the application.

HealthCare Theatre Course Fall 2024

  • HealthCare Theatre has open enrollment for their Fall 2024 HLTH/THEA 215 basic Healthcare Theatre (HT) course.

  • See here about why you should enroll as well as how to enroll in the course: HLTH/THEA 215.

Entrepreneurship and Disability Studies Program Opportunity

  • The Entrepreneurship and Disability Studies Program is offering a study abroad program. While the application deadline has passed, they are still seeking additional interested students who would like to sign up. 

  • For more information, see here: study abroad opportunity

Flexible Summer Research

  • Flexible Summer Research: $15/hr The UD Center for Research in Education and Social Policy has open positions (3) for  undergraduate summer researchers to contribute to 2 research papers on the topic of stigma and food policy programs. The job requires you to work virtually to review articles, meet with team members to discuss details and document summaries. 10-15 hours a week ideal. If interested contact Allison Karpyn, karpyn@udel.edu for more information.

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