Need writing assistance? Check out the Writing Center! There are two convenient locations in Memorial Hall and in Morris Library. Even if you are confident in your writing skills, it is helpful to have a second (and third) set of eyes to look over your essay, cover letter, etc. Don’t know where to start? Bring your rubric and your ideas with you to your appointment. They also have workshops available.

Need help with your presentation or public speaking skills? The Writing Center has Oral Communication Consultants. They are undergraduate students that have excelled in their Oral Communication courses at UD and are extensively trained in providing high quality peer-to-peer tutoring in a range of areas including eye contact, vocal projection/style, outlining, visual aids, speech anxiety techniques, and more! The Oral Communication Studio is set up with technology to help record and review rehearsals, as well as refine visual aids.

For more information about Writing Center services and to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

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