Student Spotlight: Caitlin Werner

Sophomore Caitlin Werner told us that one of the main reasons she decided to attend UD is because “they offer a great undeclared student program. Working with her UST advisor, Sharon Grayson, Caitlin has been able to explore various interests while taking classes that meet general requirements. She intends to pursue a minor in Spanish and study abroad in the future.

Caitlin’s advice for other students is to join a club or sport when you arrive on campus, because it provides a good way to connect with others. She participates in the Blue Hen Leadership Program and is a member of the RSO, Women in Business.

Student Spotlight: Anthony Ozuna-Pena

Anthony entered UD as a University Studies student so he could “figure out who [he is] as an individual” and explore his academic options. Although he felt a lot of pressure as a freshman to figure out where he “fit” on campus, being undeclared gave him the opportunity to meet people from all of the different colleges and gather information about his possible choices. He has since decided to pursue a major in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

Anthony told us that his UST advisor, Adrian McCleary, “has been a fantastic role model. From the beginning stages, before even moving into my dorm, I felt that there was someone who truly wanted to see me succeed. As abstract or strange as my requests or concerns have been, he has had answers and resources for me to utilize. Having him in my circle has boosted my academia confidence.” Anthony also sought advice and support from organizations such as HOLA, We’re First, and the Student Support Services Program (SSSP). “I can always count on them to give some insight, advice or words of inspiration to keep me chugging through the semester.”


March Student Spotlight: Olivia Boon

Olivia is a New Jersey native who entered UD as an undeclared student because she wanted to take a range of classes that interested her. She has had a positive experience with her advisor, Moira Curtis, who Olivia told us “is readily available and easy to talk to.” 

Olivia was introduced to her intended major, Landscape Architecture, when she took an introductory course that fulfilled a breadth requirement. The topic interested her very much, so she spoke to her professor, students in the program, and a professional architect outside of the university to get additional information about the field. She recently joined the Philadelphia Flower Show Club, which is run by students in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.


Student Spotlight: Nick Montoro

Nick is a sophomore from Syosset, New York who came to UD as an undeclared student because he wanted to try out a wide range of classes and he wasn’t certain which career path he wanted to pursue.  He recently decided to declare a B.S. in Biological Sciences as his pathway to dental school. Nick told UST he decided to be an orthodontist “because I love teeth and I am a perfectionist!”   

Nick credits his advisor Kathryn Goldman with helping him transition to college and develop his academic plan without feeling stressed. She “never pressured me into taking any classes I did not want and [she] made sure to educate me about the extensive list of opportunities at UD.  His advice to new students is to stay optimistic.


Student Spotlight: Julia Kane

Julia Kane came to UD with a strong interest in the social sciences, specifically psychology, because she enjoys learning about human behavior and its motivations. Upon discovering that UD offers a disability studies minor, Julia added it to her program plan because of her positive experience volunteering with individuals with special needs. She sees her minor as the “perfect pairing” with psychology, which she intends to declare as her major this spring. Long-term, Julia is planning to attend graduate school and is considering a career as a school psychologist.

Julia is glad that she entered UD as an undeclared student because she was hesitant to make such a big decision too early in her college career. Being a UST student allowed her to keep her options open, take some classes to see if they were a good fit for her while also fulfilling breadth requirements, and explore some other interest areas while working with her advisor, Lys Murray. Julia told us that her advisor has been an “incredible resource” who suggested relevant classes, provided faculty contacts, and served as a source of great advice and encouragement!