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Take this fun quiz to see how much you know about the UST advisors! Follow us on Instagram at ust_at_ud and direct message us your answers. The student who answers the most items correctly will receive a prize.  The deadline for submitting your entry is midnight on        Wednesday, February 28.Emily Evans,
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These are a few of our favorite things…can you match the advisors with their leisure interests?

Student Spotlight: Nick Montoro

Nick is a sophomore from Syosset, New York who came to UD as an undeclared student because he wanted to try out a wide range of classes and he wasn’t certain which career path he wanted to pursue.  He recently decided to declare a B.S. in Biological Sciences as his pathway to dental school. Nick told UST he decided to be an orthodontist “because I love teeth and I am a perfectionist!”   

Nick credits his advisor Kathryn Goldman with helping him transition to college and develop his academic plan without feeling stressed. She “never pressured me into taking any classes I did not want and [she] made sure to educate me about the extensive list of opportunities at UD.  His advice to new students is to stay optimistic.



As you begin the spring semester, reflect on your experiences in the fall and consider whether you may benefit from using other resources to enhance your academic performance.  The Office of Academic Enrichment offers several one-credit, pass/fail classes that help students develop their skills. Students choose a course on their current schedule to serve as a target class for practicing the skills being taught. 

UNIV113: Study Skills covers effective time management and study strategies.

UNIV114: Critical Thinking helps students become independent, well-informed thinkers and make persuasive arguments.

UNIV115: Problem Solving focuses on breaking mathematical and scientific problems into manageable components and solving them strategically.


REGISTRATION TIPS: The Course Permit Form

UST advisors do not have the authority to add you to a full class or a class that is restricted by an academic department. If you are unable to add a class to your schedule through UDSIS, you may submit the Course Permit FormThis form is ONLY available to students from the first day of the semester until the Registration Change deadline. 

Students will receive an email when the form has been processed. If the request is denied, the email states the form was CANCELED and contains a link to view comments. If the request is approved, the email states COPY, with a link to the completed request. If you have not received a response within two business days, please follow up with the department offering the course. Check your Web Forms Out Basket to see the form status. When complete, the form is stored in your Web Forms Archive.



Welcome back!

Stop by the Center for Academic Success between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm on Tuesday, February 6 for hot chocolate, cookies, and conversation with the UST peer liaisons. All UST advisors are seeing students on a drop-in basis only through February 9, 2018. Due to the high volume of students we see during the first week of classes, you will be restricted to a 15 minute session. You will be able to make regular appointments online beginning February 12.