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Choices: Episode 12 – Interview with UD Alumni & Staff

In this episode, we interview UD alumni and staff members Meg Hutchins, Lukas Emory, and John Cogan. They each share with us their career journeys (Meg’s was a bit long, so we are posting a separate bonus episode with that below), and we also discussed the importance of networking, Lukas’s book, John’s Geography major, Meg’s insight on what you can do with a History major, freelancing, and more!

Here is Meg’s career story unedited (it was mostly edited out of the episode to save for time). It’s a great story especially for those interested in history, museums, costuming, education, etc.

Choices: Episode 11 – Interview with Lab Manager Sarah Paige

Sarah Paige Werner talks with us about her work with the Neuroscience lab at UD, her career journey that began in a harp ensemble, teaching abroad in Japan, and more.

Choices: Episode 10 – Interview with Peer Liaison Onaedo

In this episode we talk with UST Peer Liaison Onaedo about her program of study, her major exploration journey, study abroad, being a World Scholar, and the silver lining of quarantine.

Choices: Episode 9 – Interview with Academic Advisors from CAS

In this episode we talk to Em Rowe and David Best, who are both academic advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences. We talk about their roles, their career journeys, majors within CAS, the value of internships and other experiences, and which Bob’s Burgers characters we each relate to the most.

Choices Episode 8: Interview with UST Advisor Lys Murray

In this episode we talk to Lys about her roles as an Academic Advisor in UST and as the Assistant Director of Office of Academic Enrichment. We also discuss student success, her career journey, music, the importance of self-awareness and vulnerability, and her plans for retirement.

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