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Choices: Episode 7 – New and Uncommonly Declared Majors

In this episode, we discuss majors that are often overlooked or underutilized by UST students but are worth considering. We cover majors from every UD college and school.

Choices: Episode 5 – Interview with UST Advisor Sharon Grayson

Get to know more about one of the academic advisors in UST: Ms. Grayson. We talked with her about her major and career journey and all the decisions involved along the way. We also asked a couple of fun job interview questions and found out which movies helped shape her adolescence.

Choices: Episode 4 – Interview with Peer Liaisons

In this episode of Choices, we interviewed UST Peer Liaisons Isabella and Kennedy to learn about their major journeys, why they used to be in UST, advice they have for current UST students, and more.

Choices: Episode 3 – Fall 2020 Grading Options

Are you confused about the pass/no credit policy for this semester? Then listen to this episode of Choices, where Sylvia and Tyler explain the modified pass/no credit policy in place for Fall 2020 as well as why students might still choose the regular withdrawal and audit options instead.

Choices: Episode 2 – PathwayU Case Studies

In this episode of Choices, Tyler and Sylvia discuss case studies that utilize PathwayU results as well as other career/major decision-making tools and share real life examples.

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