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In the Know: Course Registration

Students may make changes to their schedules through the WebReg system beginning Wednesday, August 1. Section numbers refer to the day, time, and location of a course. The section number appears after the course number: PSYC100-010 refers to General Psychology 100, section 010, which meets on M/W/F from 9:05-9:55 am in the Fall 2018 semester.  Some sections are offered online, including 194 and 195. Some are reserved for special populations – such as Honors 080, 081, etc.. Some sections are not available to most students because they meet in another part of the state (or even the world!) – such as 310, 510, 710, and 070. For additional information, visit the Registrar’s site.


Registration Tips: The Course Permit Form

UST advisors do not have the authority to add you to a full class or a class that is restricted by an academic department. If you are unable to add a class to your schedule through UDSIS, you may submit the Course Permit FormThis form is ONLY available to students from the first day of the semester until the Registration Change deadline. 

Students will receive an email when the form has been processed. If the request is denied, the email states the form was CANCELED and contains a link to view comments. If the request is approved, the email states COPY, with a link to the completed request. If you have not received a response within two business days, please follow up with the department offering the course. Check your Web Forms Out Basket to see the form status. When complete, the form is stored in your Web Forms Archive.



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