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You never know where your career will go!

Most people do not end up in the field that they majored in, even if their major is in business, which is the case for UD alum Will Fetters. Read more about this Lerner graduate turned Oscar nominated screenwriter on UDaily.

On the Bookshelf: Career Exploration

In Pathfinder (2012) and Now What?: The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career (2008), renowned career coach Nicholas Lore provides structured exercises that guide readers through the self-reflection and goal-setting processes that are the foundation of successful career development.

Career Exploration: Job Shadowing

During the winter break, students are encouraged to arrange a job shadow experience with someone who works in their field of interest. Job shadowing may involve taking a “behind the scenes” tour of an organization, attending team meetings, interviewing people who hold positions at different levels of a company, and identifying a mentor who can assist you in evaluating potential career options. To connect with UD alumni who may be willing to host your visit to their place of employment, log in to Handshake.



Career Exploration: The Legal Profession

The Legal Professional Preparatory Program (LP3) is designed to prepare students for careers in law and related fields. This innovative program addresses two of the University’s strategic prioritieseducating the global citizen and bridging opportunity dividesThrough LP3, UD alum will interact with students, provide guidance and leadership, and serve as mentors. For more information about law-related majors and minors, contact a pre-law faculty advisor.



Helpful Hints: Applying for Internships

Hiring managers report that they quickly weed out 90 percent of applicants based on three criteria:

1) spelling/grammar/punctuation typos;

2) overly generic cover letter (or none at all); and

3) irrelevant [for that position] information listed on resume.

The applicants that were actually considered all wrote a well-edited, personalized cover letter that included the following information:

  • how they found out about the job;
  • what enticed them enough to apply for it; and
  • what skills they have to offer that demonstrates they could excel in this particular role.
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