The UST Peer Liaisons are available to help you on your journey of adjusting to the university and finding a major. Want to know what it’s like to study abroad? Interested in learning more about business majors? Need someone to talk to about freshman fears? Want to know what type of dining plan is best? The Peer Liaisons can answer all of these questions and more. Just send a quick e-mail, and you’ll be connected to an expert in all things “student”.

Peer Liaisons are awaiting your emails with any of your peer-related social or academic concerns. If you have any general questions about the program or otherwise, feel free to contact: or Peer Liaison advisor, Sharon Grayson (

Sarah Blum

Major: Cognitive Science (Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology Specialization)

Minors: Psychology and Disabilities Studies

Life & Health Sciences/Social Sciences Interest

Involvement: Sign Language Club (NSSLHA); Research Assistant (STAR Campus)

Enjoys: reading, hiking, Netflix

Sophia DeBellis
Transfer Student

Major: Interest in Economics

Business Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life; Filipino Student Association (FSA)

Enjoys: exercising, traveling

Lydia Fimmano

Major: Political Science

Minors: Spanish and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Social Sciences Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life; Club Cross Country; Works at the gym

Enjoys: running, Netflix, spending time with loved ones

Emily Haldas

Majors: History and Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

Social Sciences/Arts & Humanities Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life (Honors fraternity)

Enjoys: watching movies, playing badminton

Isabella Hsiao

Majors: Spanish Studies and Health Behavior Science

Minor: Dance

Arts & Humanities/Life & Health Sciences Interest

Extracurricular: Evolution Dance Team (UDance Rep.); Greek Life; Friends 4 Friends; Zumba Club (teacher and attendee)

Enjoys: dance, Zumba, and theater

Jack Lavelle

Major: Human Relations Administration

Minors: Spanish Studies and Organizational and Community Leadership

Social Sciences/Business Interest

Extracurricular: HR Student Chapter; Intramural Sports

Enjoys: soccer, Harry Potter books/movies, painting, working at family’s restaurant

Laurette Lisena

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Minors: French and Business Administration

Arts & Humanities/Business Interest

Extracurricular: Impact Dance Company (VP); Synergy Fashion Group (assistant Judge Coordinator); Student Alumni Ambassador

Enjoys: dance, community service

Kennedy Medley

Major: English and Communication Interest

Minors: Public Health and Dance

Arts & Humanities/Social Sciences Interest

Extracurricular: Each One Reach One (EORO); Destination Delaware

Enjoys: dance, reading

Alison Merle
Transfer Student

Major: Marketing

Minor: Management Information Systems

Business Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life

Enjoys: fashion, traveling, music

Mackenzie Meyers

Major: Media Communication (Public Relations Concentration)

Minors: Business Administration and Advertising

Social Sciences Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life; Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Enjoys: swimming, traveling, cooking

Onaedo Okoye
World Scholar

Major: International Relations

Minors: International Business Studies and French

Social Sciences Interest

Extracurricular: African Student Union; Yoga Club; DelaWorld Leaders

Enjoys: music, dance, traveling, languages, graphic design

Jordan Tort

Major: Organizational and Community Leadership

Minors: Advertising and Business Administration

Business Interest

Extracurricular: Greek Life

Enjoys: music, exercising, the beach, spending time with loved ones

Caitlin Werner

Majors: International Business Studies and Operations Management

Minor: Spanish Studies

Business Interest

Extracurricular: Blue Hen Leadership Program; Women in Business; UDaB; Study Abroad

Enjoys: volunteering and community service, sports, spending time with loved ones, learning, shopping


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