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Tutoring for ECON

The Economics Department has established online tutoring for students taking ECON101, ECON103, ECON300, ECON301, and ECON306. Any student can sign up for small-group tutoring by completing this form: Students requesting tutoring must log in using a UDEL email address, and they can only submit the form once.

There is also tutoring for Economics and other courses available through the Office of Academic Enrichment, including drop-in, group, and individual.

Academic Coaching

The following is from the Office of Academic Enrichment website:

Are you working hard but not seeing the results you want? Overwhelmed by the transition to college work? Struggling to find a balance between studying and having a life? We are here to help!

In addition to our workshops and classes, the Office of Academic Enrichment provides one-on-one support. Schedule an Academic Coaching appointment on Zoom, where you can talk with us about your concerns—we’re great listeners! We’ll help you identify what you want to work on and assist you in planning your next steps. Key areas we can address include:

  • Academic & personal support
  • Finding your fit at UD
  • Applying effective study strategies
  • Motivation & goal-setting
  • Academic mindset/Self-management

We are happy to meet with you as often as weekly as you move forward.

Do you just need a tune-up, or want help applying to your classes what you’ve learned in one of our online workshops? You may not feel a need to make a one-hour appointment. Come to our drop-in coaching hours, offered five days a week.

Time Management Workshop Online

The Office of Academic Enrichment has an online workshop titled “Time Management for Remote Learning” available now on their website. It includes a 27 minute video, Powerpoint, and worksheet.

Next Monday, there will be another workshop titled “Note-taking in a Remote Environment“, so set a reminder for yourself and stay tuned!

The Writing Center

Need writing assistance? Check out the Writing Center! There are two convenient locations in Memorial Hall and in Morris Library. Even if you are confident in your writing skills, it is helpful to have a second (and third) set of eyes to look over your essay, cover letter, etc. Don’t know where to start? Bring your rubric and your ideas with you to your appointment. They also have workshops available.

Need help with your presentation or public speaking skills? The Writing Center has Oral Communication Consultants. They are undergraduate students that have excelled in their Oral Communication courses at UD and are extensively trained in providing high quality peer-to-peer tutoring in a range of areas including eye contact, vocal projection/style, outlining, visual aids, speech anxiety techniques, and more! The Oral Communication Studio is set up with technology to help record and review rehearsals, as well as refine visual aids.

For more information about Writing Center services and to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

Drop-in Tutoring and More

Drop-in tutoring provided by the Office of Academic Enrichment begins today! Take advantage of all the free* academic assistance offered on campus before you are struggling in a course. Even if you expect to do well, why not use tutoring services to make sure you do your best?

In addition to drop-in tutoring, OAE has workshops both in-person and online, including topics such as time management, reading strategies, and choosing a major.

OAE also provides the following services:

  • Academic Intakes — Don’t know what kind of academic assistance you need? Meet with an OAE staff member to assess whether you need some help with note-taking, study skills, etc., or a referral to another office on campus.
  • Study Groups — You can request a free tutor for your study group (or 5-15 people).
  • Individual Tutoring — If you would like an individual tutor, you can find one on OAE’s database. This service is not free unless you are part of certain programs that waive these fees.
  • PASS Program — This is a free service offered for specific courses to supplement instruction without the instructor.

You can find additional academic resources on the OAE website including links for the ISE lab and the Writing Center.

*Free services on campus aren’t actually free. You are already paying for them with your student fees. So use what you’ve paid for!

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