Campus Resources: Academic Difficulty

Students who are on probation or otherwise struggling academically are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to reflect on their performance, clarify their values, and carefully evaluate their abilities, interests, and goals. You can also work with a specialist from the   Office of Academic Enrichment to identify problem areas (such as time management or reading comprehension) and learn strategies for effectively addressing these issues.

Important Dates – Winter 2019

Jan. 7      Five-week classes begin
Jan. 10     Last day to register for 5-week classes
Jan. 14     Four-week classes begin
Jan. 17     Last day to register for 4-week classes
Jan. 21     Martin Luther King Holiday- no classes / offices closed
Jan. 25     Last day to withdraw from 5-week classes
Jan. 27     Last day to withdraw from 4-week classes
Feb. 9      Final Exams for Winter Session Classes

Finish in Four

UD students who complete at least 30 credits during their first year in college are more likely to graduate in four years. Talk with an advisor about developing an academic plan that includes both the correct number and the appropriate type of credits needed for making progress toward degree completion. You may want to consider taking a course during winter session to stay on track.