I thought I had to decide what I wanted to do right away or I’d never graduate on time. But meeting with my advisor helped me understand how I could be undeclared and take classes in a lot of different subjects until I figured out what I want to do, and I can still finish my degree when I’m supposed to if I plan it right. – UST Sophomore

I started out at UD as a biology major and really thought I wanted to be a doctor. But after the first semester, I realized it just wasn’t my passion and I’m too young to make that kind of commitment. I went to see an undeclared advisor and asked her what other options I have. She was very helpful and now I feel a lot less stressed.  – Sophomore Health Behavior Science major with Disability Studies concentration

I don’t think most people know what they want to do. Even people I know who came here with a major are always saying,, “Oh, should I study this? Am I going to get a job if I major in this?”  I’ll never be 20 years old and in college again. I want to learn about everything while I can. I can dedicate myself to a career later. – Junior History/Philosophy double major with Sociology and Theater minors


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