student-spotlight-pic-blog-dec-15Delawarean Vincent Moore is a first-year undeclared student. He told his academic advisor, Adrian McCleary, that he chose to attend UD because of its prestigious academic reputation and its proximity to home. Although Vincent didn’t know about University Studies at first, he became aware of it when he decided to participate in the UD Scholars program. When asked about being undeclared, he said, “You could say UST chose me in a way, but I feel that it is a great place for me to start. Everyone in UST has made me feel welcome and have been a big help easing my transition from high school to college. I’ve received help in choosing classes, finding resources and meeting new people.”

Vincent has also had a positive experience with the UD Scholars program, where he “gained a plethora of skills” during his first semester at the university. “The UD scholars has contributed to my success academically, socially, and personally, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of those who organize and fund the program.”blog-pic-2-dec-15

Although he hasn’t decided on a major yet, Vincent is considering Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation. He is spending his freshman year “exploring the career options that will open up” if he majors in ETI.

Vincent’s advice for other students is to “work hard and take advantage of your resources. Go to class every day, sit in the front row, go to office hours, develop relationships with your professors, seek out help if you need it, use your time wisely, and develop good study habits. Don’t be afraid to fail; develop good values and trust the process, I think it’s important to remember that every day is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.” He is eager to be a resource for other students by sharing what he has learned, and encourages his peers to contact him at



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