In the Know: What is a Syllabus?

In college, syllabi are important tools for professors to communicate their expectations to students.  It is your responsibility as a student to carefully review the syllabus and ask your instructor questions if you do not understand something.

A syllabus is a document that outlines how a course is structured.  A well-developed syllabus contains all of the information a student needs to understand what being a member of the class entails.  This usually includes:

  • Instructor’s policies on attendance and grading
  • Course number and description
  • Required textbooks and other materials
  • Weekly schedule listing due dates for assignments and tests
  • Instructor’s name, email address, office location, and office hours

Some instructors distribute a paper copy of the syllabus during the first week of class, while others email it to the class or post it on Sakai or Canvas. If you do not receive a syllabus, be sure to ask for one.


Helpful Hints: Using the Course Permit Form to Enroll in a Class

When the semester begins, students have the option of completing a Course Permit form to submit requests for changes to their semester schedule that require department permission for changes that cannot otherwise be done through Web Registration.

Students receive an email when the form has been processed. If the request is denied, the email states the form was CANCELLED and contains a link to view comments. If the request is approved, the email states COPY, with a link to the completed request. If you have not received a response within 2 business days, please follow up with the department offering the course. Check your Web Forms Out Basket to see the form status. When complete, the form is stored in your Web Forms Archive.




Advisor                                         Location                   Time

Margie Kiter Edwards – HONORS ONLY   107 Sharp Lab   10:00-11:00

Margie Kiter Edwards                    100 Kirkbride              11:00-12:00

Adrian McCleary                               004 Kirkbride              11:00-12:00

Sharon Grayson                             131 Sharp                    11:00-12:00

Lysbet Murray                                  007 Willard                 11:00-12:00

Kathryn Goldman                            123 Memorial              11:00-12:00

Moira Curtis                                    130 Sharp                    11:00-12:00

WELCOME TO UD: 1743 Days

Named for the year to which UD traces its roots, UD’s opening weekend celebration offers opportunities for students to connect with their new community and explore what UD has to offer. Following residential move-in, the preview of Perkins Live / Trabant Now kicks off the festivities with games, performances, and activities at both University Student Centers. 1743 Days programming runs through the weekend, featuring campus tours and the annual candlelight welcoming ceremony.