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Month: August 2016

In the Know: What is a Syllabus?

In college, syllabi are very important tools for professors to communicate their expectations to students.  It is your responsibility as a student to carefully review the syllabus and ask your instructor questions if you do not understand something.

A syllabus is a document that outlines how a course is structured.  A well-developed syllabus contains all of the information a student needs to understand what being a member of the class entails.  This usually includes:

  • Instructor’s policies on attendance and grading
  • Course number and description
  • Required textbooks and other materials
  • Weekly schedule listing due dates for assignments and tests
  • Instructor’s name, email address, office location, and office hours

Some instructors distribute a paper copy of the syllabus during the first week of class, while others email it to the class or post it online. If you do not receive a syllabus, be sure to ask for one.



Student Spotlight: Maddi Barone

MaddieSophomore Maddi Barone admits that she didn’t want to go to UD when she was considering colleges, because she has lived in Delaware her entire life. She told advisor Sharon Grayson that all of her friends who visited UD insisted that she at least try it out. During her campus visit, she “got that gut feeling that this was the place I’d spend the best four years of my life.”

Maddi used her first year of college to explore majors and used the summer to do research on health care careers. One of the things Maddie found most helpful during the major selection process was the What-If Report feature in UDSIS. She also spoke with some of the advisors in the College of Health Sciences. She was originally interested in Medical Diagnostics, but is now pursuing a Health Science major with a minor is Disability Studies. She plans to complete the Accelerated Nursing degree after she receives her B.S.

Maddi is one of the University Studies Program’s new Peer Liaisons, a group of former undeclared students who serve as a resource for current students. She encourages other UST students to contact her at whether they want advice on choosing a major or selecting a place to eat on Main Street.



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