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Student Spotlight: Ray Meier

Ray is a senior Environmental Studies major and one of UST’s Peer Mentors. She has studied abroad in Spain and Barbados, which she really enjoyed. And she is a proud foster mom to puppies and kittens.

What did you find most helpful when picking out your major?

I had a lot of help from the UST advisors and they helped me choose a major that was right for me!

What is your dream job and are you on a path to achieve it?

I would like to help combat sea level rise through coastal zone management in tropical regions, and I am on my way!

What are you involved in outside of the classroom?

I intern with the Sustainable Energy Utility of Delaware, I am involved in greek life, and I am the Vice President of Women Ready, an organization that collects and distributes hygiene products to homeless women in the area.

Delaware Job Shadow Program

Withdrawal Deadline: Monday, April 15

The deadline to change the grading status of a course is Monday, April 15, which is only a week from the Monday you return from Spring Break. On Friday, April 12, and Monday, April 15, all UST advisors will be on drop-in only! Stop by the office between 9:30-12 and 1-3:30 PM that day if you want to discuss your grading options for a course. We also have drop-in hours during the rest of the week.

Here are the different options for changing your grading status:

    • Similar to dropping a class, but it stays on your transcript with a grade of W.
    • Good option if you are struggling in a class you don’t necessarily need (e.g. a breadth requirement that can be satisfied with a different course).
    • If you earn a passing grade, you will have a P that does not affect your GPA, and the credits count as a free elective but do not satisfy any requirements.
    • If you earn a failing grade, you will have an F that does affect your GPA.
    • Good option if you feel you can pass the class but don’t want a low grade to affect your GPA, and you don’t necessarily need the class (i.e. you won’t need to repeat it with standard grading).
    • You can only change one class per semester to pass/fail.
    • You attend the class but don’t have to do the assignments, don’t earn credits, and earn a grade of L (listener) which does not affect your GPA.
    • Good option if you are struggling in a class you will need to repeat.

There are more considerations to take into account when deciding what to do about a class, like if it will drop you below full-time status or affect your financial aid, scholarships, student visa, etc. Make sure to contact the appropriate office/department to find out how it will affect you before making any changes. When in doubt, contact your academic advisor.

Remember that midterm grades are not always an accurate reflection of how well you might be doing in a course. It is best to take into account what went into the midterm grade and how much it affects your final grade. If you have concerns about a course, speak with your professor and/or academic advisor to explore your options. If you are not able to change the grading status of a course you are not doing as well in as you hoped, we also recommend utilizing the various tutoring and academic support resources, which you can find on the Office of Academic Enrichment’s website.

Midterm Tips from the UST Peer Liaisons

The spring semester is in full swing! With the first round of midterms coming up for many (and some having already taken that first test), your peer liaisons want to remind you that we are here for you! Whether you want advice about a class, finding a major, study techniques, or just need to vent, we’ve got your back.

In the meantime, don’t forget about these awesome resources available to you right here on campus:

  1. That chemistry class got you down? Free drop-in tutoring is offered for a variety of subjects through the Office of Academic enrichment Sunday through Friday. Check out their schedule here.
  2. Study better in a group? Don’t forget that you can book a study room on the library website (here) for you and your friends any day of the week!
  3. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, know you’re not alone. The Center for Counseling and Student Development is an awesome resource for handling the extra pressure you may be feeling this semester. Their counselors offer walk-in hours in Perkins every week day, and the UD helpline is available to you 24/7. You can learn more on their website.
  4. The peer liaisons! Remember that we’re students just like you and we’ve all been in your shoes before. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need our help. A list of all the peer liaisons and our emails is located here.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. You can do it! And spring break is right around the corner….

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