Permit Information – Online sales begin  August 1 for Fall 2024

Display of Permits

Most permits are virtual, using the license as the parking credential. The license plate must be clearly visible, not obscured, and face the drive lane when parking on campus. Under special circumstances, parking passes/permits will be issued. These parking passes/permits should be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle dashboard to be completely visible from the exterior. These passes/permits are not considered valid unless displayed correctly on the vehicle. Active permit holders whose vehicle is registered in a single-plate license plate state may purchase a personal UD plate for the front of the vehicle. This plate must be displayed on the front of the vehicle in the location of the front license plate for a two-plate state. UD personal plates will not be accepted as valid if placed on the dash or other location of the vehicle.

Service Vehicle Pass

University Service Vehicle reserved spaces are for use by authorized vehicles including those displaying a Service Vehicle permit. Parking in a Service Vehicle Reserve Space is limited to 15 minutes. Service Vehicle permits issued by the Parking Services Office are for use by personal vehicles being used as University Service Vehicles and authorize parking in service vehicle spaces and loading zones only and must bear a minimum of a Red permit as well. Written requests substantiating the need for these permits must be sent to the Parking Services Office by the appropriate Dean, Director or Chairperson. University Owned Vehicles Only spaces are reserved for University tagged vehicles; service vehicle passes are not valid in that space. Service vehicle passes can be requested via the Request for Service-Parking webform.