Faculty, staff and commuting students who reside outside the parking perimeter are encouraged to secure a Carpool parking permit.

Each member of a carpool must complete a permit application at the Parking Services Office (Please note: student and first time employee carpool registrants must come in to the Parking Services office together).

Carpools of three or more people will receive a 10% discount on the total permit price.

Employee carpools can be for Pearson, central, gray, red or gate-controlled parking. Gate-control carpools are given wait list preference. Each employee member of a carpool will be given 40 day passes each for an annual carpool. Partial year carpools will receive a prorated number of passes.

Commuting student carpools can be for red, gray, central, or gate controlled parking at the Center for the Arts Garage. They can be purchased by the academic year or annual year (gate-controlled parking is only sold by the academic year). Each student member of an academic year carpool will receive 20 day passes each. Partial year carpools will receive a prorated number of day passes.

The Parking Services Office must be notified whenever an individual withdraws from a carpool to determine if the carpool membership has to be restructured to maintain eligibility for the carpool permit.

A daily permit must be utilized whenever it becomes necessary for a member of a carpool to drive to campus in his or her own vehicle. Daily permits are issued at the time the permit is issued or can be obtained at the Parking Services Office.

An individual cannot register concurrently for a parking permit and also as a member of a carpool. Such dual permit registration is considered fraudulent.

To obtain a carpool, please print the appropriate form below and return to Parking Services.

Employee Carpool

Student Carpool

Display of Permits

Most permits are virtual, using the license as the parking credential. The license plate must face the drive lane when parking on campus.

Under special circumstances, parking passes/permits will be issued. These parking passes/permits should be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle dashboard to be completely visible from the exterior. These passes/permits are not considered valid unless displayed correctly on the vehicle.

Active permit holders whose vehicle is registered in a single-plate license plate state may request a personal UD plate for the front of the vehicle. This plate must be displayed on the front of the vehicle in the location of the front license plate for a two-plate state. UD personal plates will not be accepted as valid if placed on the dash or other location of the vehicle.

Service Vehicle Pass

University Service Vehicle reserved spaces are for use by authorized vehicles including those displaying a Service Vehicle permit. Parking in a Service Vehicle Reserve Space is limited to 30 minutes. Service Vehicle permits issued by the Parking Services Office are for use by personal vehicles being used as University Service Vehicles and authorize parking in service vehicle spaces and loading zones only and must bear a minimum of a Red permit as well. Written requests substantiating the need for these permits must be sent to the Parking Services Office by the appropriate Dean, Director or Chairperson. University Owned Vehicles Only spaces are reserved for state-owned vehicles; service vehicle passes are not valid in that space.

Service Vehicle Pass Request Form

To request service vehicle passes for your department, please fill in the form below, giving a brief explanation to demonstrate a need for the passes. Passes are to be used by and transferred among the staff with the approval of the Director or Chair.

Service Vehicle Pass Request Form
Permit Information Sheets
A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property. Ownership of the permit remains with the University of Delaware. Use of the parking permit is not transferable from the registered user.
The individual to whom a permit is registered is responsible for notifying the Parking Services Office within five days of any change in status, i.e., a commuter student moving on campus, resignation of a staff member who is then admitted as a University student, etc. If the change affects the eligibility of an individual to secure a parking permit, the Parking Services Office will determine the required modification and fee (if any).

Multiple vehicles can be registered to one permit, but only one vehicle can be parked on campus at a time per permit.


UD Employees, Non-UD Employees & Graduate Students

Commuting Student

On-Campus Students

Contractors, Vendors, & Visitors


Permit Prices

Parking permits can be returned at any time for a refund of the unused portion. If a permit is active, it is assumed to be in use. Refunds are based on the date the permit is received at Parking Services. Permits returned in the middle of a month will be charged the daily rate up to the price of the month. Refunds will be issued via check or placed on the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase.

2017 – 2018 Prices